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IT Virtualization – Case Study and Written Assignment Answers

ICT50418 Diploma Information Technology Networking Assessment

Do You Need IT Virtualization – Case Study and Written Assignment Answers? Get Answers Case Study on IT Cloud & Virtualization Project Assessment – Written Report. We Provide Information Technology Assignment Help, Programming Assignment Help & ICTPMG601 Establish ICT Project from IT Expert at affordable price? Acquire HD Quality research work with 100% Plagiarism free content.


Cloud & Virtualization Project Assessment – Written Report

Assignment Topic:

Planning a Virtualization Environment

Instructions for Students: Please read the following case study and base your responses to the subsequent tasks on this case study.

Client Case Study

TechNet IT solutions are striving to become one of Sydney’s leading medium sized IT Support and Cloud Hosting Companies. They wish to pride themselves on becoming one of the industry’s front runners in supplying the use of modern IT cloud technologies.

They initially started in 2004 by offering web-site hosting, supplying storage for offsite backups then moved into offering online support services to most of their clients. To provide greater client support and further the growth of the company they then moved into dedicated server hosting and as such have now built up quite a large physical facility of many rack mounted servers.

Their current rack mounted servers are held within the individual bays of very large heavy rack units which require huge amounts of physical space, electricity with a very high level of cooling being required for each physical rack mounted server.

These are being used as the infrastructure of their own internal TechNet IT network infrastructure and are also being used as dedicated hosts for the various client services. Such as websites, backups and clients servers as such. They have separated each service onto a separate group of rack mounted servers. Their physical network environment consists of the following:

TechNet IT Internal Network
Is held on 20 rackmounted servers in a considerable sized server room which requires,
  • Server 2016 – AD 1 domain server
  • Server 2016 – AD for redundancy
  • Exchange Server Mirrored for redundancy
  • DNS Server Mirrored for redundancy
  • DHCP Server Mirrored for redundancy
  • 5 Apache Server Mirrored for redundancy
  • SQL Server Mirrored for redundancy
5 switches
3 Routers
IP Range 192.168.0/24


Clients Hosted Environments
5 Physical rack mounted servers E-commerce Support Servers, which are running on 5 separate SQL databases each of which is held on separate rack mounted servers
50 Physical rack mounted servers Web Hosting FarmEach rack mounted servers can host up to only 20 clients who are managed within a type 2 hypervisor. They are currently using Oracle virtual box on a Windows 10 host.
15 Physical rack mounted servers Backup ServiceEach rack mounted server hosts up to only 16 clients who are managed within a type 2 hypervisor. They are currently using Oracle virtual box on a Windows 10 host
100 Physical rack mounted servers Clients Dedicated ServersEach Blade Server hosts up to only 30 clients who are managed within a type 2 hypervisor. They are currently using Oracle virtual box on a Windows 10 host


You work as a senior network specialist managing the actual IT infrastructure of the TechNet IT network business environment.

TechNet IT are also extremely aware of the need to keep their business viable and the need to focus on using technology to improve their own business success.

Their organization guidelines state they are to be proactive in their need to reduce business costs whilst maintaining their highly efficient client orientated environment. Promoting the use of a green environment within their businesses environment and processes as much as possible.

To attain this they have recently adapted their administrative processes and implemented new green polices to comply with new Government and Industry standards. To further comply with these new standards, they have asked their entire management team to look at ways they can implement sustainability to help meet the new standards and reduce costs within their own departmental areas. They also wish to ensure they are gain an industry lead and so wish to use the latest IT Technologies.

Because of this, your manager Mr John Douglas has asked you, to investigate the use of cloud and virtualization technologies. You will need to analyse the feasibility and extent that cloud and virtualisation could be implemented within the use of TechNet IT infrastructure to gain business benefits and offer a greater client support environment.

As this would be a substantial change in their physical IT environment, the organisational guidelines of TechNet IT solutions requires a Written Report to be provided to the TechNet IT management. In which you will explain the use of these new technologies within the IT Industry. You will determine how feasible it would be for TechNet IT to incorporate these new technologies offering your proposed preferred plan and description of any new resources that would be required.

Also determining the product and vendor architecture to be used and equipment specifications that would match to TechNet IT business requirements and budget.

To prepare for this you will need to research and analyse alternative cloud and virtualisation scenarios, so you can give a relative comparison of each consideration including an outline of the purpose, benefits and risk analysis of each scenario,

This information will then be used to determine the approach, which you feel, would be most suitable and meet the company’s needs. YOU WILL USE VMware.


Documentation to be included:


Task 1. Give an overview of who TechNet IT is as a company and their current request.


Task 2. Analyse and present a discussion of the current design of the network


environment and infrastructure that currently exists at TechNet IT in regards to it’s current physical requirements, current power requirements, security issues, support issues and a reasonable running costs of the current existing structure.


Task 3. Give an explanation of what a hypervisor is and what it does.

  • Discuss what hypervisor the current network environment is using.
  • Discuss what hypervisor you believe your company should be using and why.
  • Explain how Type1 and Type 2 hypervisors work.


Task 4. Investigate 2 Industry vendors and their standards for Type 1 Enterprise Virtualisation

  • Research and analyse 2 alternative virtualisation vendors – VMware and Hyper-V give an overview of each vendors Type 1 Virtualization environment.
  • Background information on the vendor.
  • Include the technical specifications and system requirements for using these Vendors in a comparison table showing of ESXi and Hyper-V
    • CPU requirements
    • RAM etc
    • Number of hosts its environment can handle
    • Number of Virtual Machines its hosts can handle etc


Task 5. Overview of the environment that each vendors S/W creates


  • For VMware include an overview of what each of the environments components do to create their vSphere environment.
  • Investigate system requirements and license costs of the vendors virtualization products.
    • ESXI Server
    • System Center Standard Edition
    • System Center Enterprize plus Edition
    • Windows Server, Hyper-V
  • Include a basic SWOT risk analysis of the benefits& disadvantages of using for this vendor.
  • Research your other vendor and give a similar discussion of the environment they use.
  • Investigate system requirements and license costs of the vendors virtualization products Such as Hypervisor used Server o What editions exist etc.


Task 6. Discuss how feasible it would be for TechNet to migrate to a Type 1 Virtualized Environment

  • This task is about should they migrate to vSphere.
  • Can your company easily change it’s physical infrastructure and migrate to vSphere.
  • What benefits would they get from this network and virtualization upgrade.
  • Briefly describe any new resources you believe they would need.
  • Discuss the physical server infrastructure that you believe would benefit TechNet IT
  • Discuss the virtualized server infrastructure that you believe would benefit TechNet IT
  • Discuss the effect of using Type 1 virtualization and replacement of multiple physical servers
    • Reducing staff and lowering of support requirements and costs
    • Reducing power requirements of individual servers
    • Meeting of sustainability


Task 7. Plan and develop a virtual infrastructure for TechNet IT

  • Create Network Environment Design diagrams in visio for the newly proposed network virtualization infrastructure to be implemented at TechNet IT.
  • Make sure your design diagram reflects the needs of TechNet IT.
  • Make sure your new design strategy, ensure’s high availability of the virtual environment.
  • Identify and discuss what functionality you believe the vSphere would require to allow for implementation of high availability within the vSphere environment – ie: vMotion etc.
  • Determine the basic budget costs for the new vSphere technology, H/W resources, S/W resources to suit the business requirements for the new vSphere environment to be created for TechNet IT.


Task 8. Document the required steps for installation & testing of the new proposed network environment that will be created for TechNet IT.

  • What would be involved to change physical infrastructure and migrate servers and virtua lmachines to vSphere
  • Create a detailed list of tasks/actions specifying the stages and sequence of work that will be required for installation & testing of your new proposed network environment.
  • Include a test plan for connectivity of your resources and how they could affect the network.
  • In your steps ensure you follow IT work health and safety (WHS) environmental requirements.


Task 9. Use an email application to create an email to get confirmation from your manager for the recommendations and design that you have proposed for the new TechNet IT network environment and infrastructure. Ensure you tell him you are changing to a vSphere virtualization environment, that all reports detailing the new network environment, plus a diagram of the new network design are attached.

( NOTE: You do not have to actually attach them)

  • Include your final figure for your budgeting costs.
  • Include an area’s for your TechNet IT manager to sign off on your work


Task 10. Use an email application to create an email for the appropriate TechNet IT person in which you notify them that you have completed the new Design Phase and have created form which lists the sequential tasks that you believe needs to be performed to create this new vSphere environment for TechNet IT

  • Include the lists of sequential tasks that you believe needs to be performed to create this new vSphere environment for TechNet IT
  • Include an area’s for your TechNet IT manager to sign off on your work.


Task 11. Use an email application to create an email to obtain approval from the appropriate TechNet IT person for site access to the TechNet IT network server rooms for the Implemention Team so they can start updating the equipment and start changing the existing environment to the newly designed network environment.

You will then develop and create a detailed tasks list specifying the stages and sequence of work which will be required in the planning to further develop their Enterprize Virtualized IT Environment.

For testing purposes your manager has allocated a budget of $50,000 to purchase any extra hardware or software licenses required for a pilot deployment.

In this scenario you will assume that your manager Mr John Douglas is your contact.



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