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L5 SA Managing Communication Sample Assignment

Unit Y/617/1169      Managing Communication  Level 5     15 Credits Sample Assignment


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 You work as a human resource co-ordinator within a large training company.  You have been approached by your line manager to develop a training pack. The pack will be used to provide new employees with an induction to the organisation, and support existing employees with CPD.

Evidence for the training pack can be gathered from the your own experiences of working within an organisation(s) or from research.

The training pack will consist of a number of modules that can be accessed freely by employees.

To support your own personal CPD you will also need to demonstrate and evaluate the use of effective communication skills within an organisation.

Activity 1

 The first module to be developed will be used as part of the induction process for new employees.  The content can be based on research or your own personal experiences and knowledge of information flows within and between organisations.

You will design a presentation and handout, using example case studies and/or real-life examples, which provides:

  • An evaluation of the benefits to stakeholders, functional departments and organisations of different communication channels
  • An analysis of the potential barriers to the effective exchange of information within and between organisations?

For a Distinction grade you must extend the presentation and handout materials. You need to include

  • An analysis of how communication channels have changed over time in a given organisation and their impact on resourcing.

LO1 Assessment Criteria 1.1, 1.2, 1D1

 Activity 2

The second module to be produced is intended to support existing employees with their CPD.  This will consist of an information pack titled ‘The factors that impact on workplace communication’, and should include:

  • An information sheet explaining how an organisation’s structure can impact upon workplace communication;
  • An information sheet identifying different types of management and leadership styles and the impact they have on workplace communication;
  • An article critiquing the role that technology has in supporting workplace communication, citing appropriate examples and/or case studies


Merit Task

For a Merit grade your information pack also needs to include an impact analysis that assesses what factors affect workplace communication in a named organisation. The impact analysis can be based on an organisation that the learner is familiar with for example where they work, study or undertake voluntary activities.

Distinction Task

For a Distinction grade you need to undertake an evaluation of how different management and leadership styles can impact on workplace communication.  Your evaluation must be presented as a presentation with an accompanying handout or a short report.

LO2 Assessment Criteria 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2M1 and 2D1

Activity 3

As part of your own CPD you have decided to put together a portfolio of evidence to present at your next professional development review with your line manager.

You are aware that the ability to communicate effectively is a very important skill in the workplace.

The portfolio will include:

  • A detailed description of a situation where own communication skills were used to effectively communicate information
  • A personal development plan that looks at your own communication skills including SMART targets,

 LO3 Assessment Criteria 3.1, 3.2,


Activity 4

Effective communication in an organisation is essential to ensure that employees at all levels are working efficiently. If the culture and environment of a workplace is developed around good information channels, employees will feel motivated and valued, leading to optimal productivity levels.

You are required to examine this further by undertaking an assessment and evaluation of internal and external communication channels within an organisation of your choice. Your assessment should be provided in a report format, and should also include:

  • an evaluation of the effectiveness of these channels
  • recommendations to improve organisational communication based on the assessment.

 Merit Task

For a Merit grade your report should also identify measures to evaluate the success of the proposals to improve workplace communication

LO4 Assessment Criteria 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4M1


Assignment Question and Answers

Guidelines for assessors

Activity number
Suggested evidence
1.1, 1.2
Learners must demonstrate they have a clear understanding of information flows within and between organisations. They will have identified different communication channels and judged their effectiveness within and between organisations.
Learners need to show that they have acquired a good knowledge about different stakeholders, both internally and externally and functional departments.  Learners can then use examples and case study materials to analyse the information exchange between these sources.
Learners should demonstrate an awareness of the potential barriers that could impact on the effective exchange of information.  As part of the presentation, learners should discuss different barriers such as: people, technology, organisation structure and culture, information flows, and a de-motivated workforce.
The evidence provided should draw on personal experiences and or case studies, demonstrating analysis and explanation of relevant factors.
Materials prepared by the learner must be detailed with appropriate format, style and content for the identified audience.
For the Distinction grade learners must use a named organisation for the analysis. The work must be clear and detailed examining changes over a given time frame and specifically related to the impact on resources
2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2M1 and 2D1
The information pack can be produced using different word-processing, draw or template software to facilitate the production of the information sheets and articles.
The information sheets should be ‘fit for purpose’ in terms of content and visuals.  They should provide coverage of 2.1, 2.2 with clear explanation of the content.
The article critiquing the role that technology has in supporting workplace communication, should be supported by appropriate examples and/or case studies. Key areas should address different technology types: intranet, extranet, internet, websites, email, collaborative software, IS and MIS.  The role should examine areas such as stakeholder flexibility, accessibility, convenience, supporting remote workers and efficiency in administration in creating and sending documentation.
The impact analysis investigation must assess the factors impacting on workplace communication in a named organisation.  You will be expected to undertake an impact analysis to capture and report your findings.  This will lead to judgements. It will then be part of the information pack, providing guidance to other colleagues.
The evaluation on management and leadership styles should be balanced and cover a range of styles. It can be presented in the form of a PowerPoint presentation and handout, or as a short report.
3.1, 3.2
Learners are required to put together a portfolio of evidence as part of their own CPD.

The evidence will need to be gathered from learner’s own skills, knowledge and experiences of using interpersonal skills effectively.

Learners are also required to describe in detail a situation where own interpersonal skills were used to effectively communicate information.

The final part of the portfolio will provide evidence of SMART targets being used to develop a personal development plan.  The PDP will look at learner’s own communication skills and justify how the plan can lead to improvements in their own communication skills.  A final analysis could also be included identifying further areas for improvements outside the timeframe for the plan.
4.1,4.2,4.3, 4M1

Learners are required to undertake an analysis of internal and external communication channels within a named organisation.  A checklist can be used as a framework for the analysis.  It is expected that learners will examine the source(inputs) and recipients (outputs) of the communication channels and the processing activities involved.

Learners are also required to produce an evaluation on the effectiveness of the information flows following the analysis. The evaluation therefore needs to be based on factual information, identifying strengths and areas for development. This will lead to personal judgements about any changes needed.

The evaluation should also identify measures which can be implemented to review the outcome of the changes made by the proposals. The measures need to be realistic, specific and linked directly to the proposals made.


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