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Law History Essay Assessment Help for Students

Law History Essay Assessment Task Solutions


Assessment Details:-

  • Topic: Law History
  • Document Type: Other
  • Subject: Law
  • Number of Words: 2100


Task Information

You are required to write a 2100-word academic blog post. You can choose from the cases listed below or select your own case. If you choose your own case, you will need to choose a reported case from English law dating from the Middle Ages to the end of the eighteenth century; in other words, the time-period and content covered from Modules 1 to 4 inclusive.


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The suggested cases are:

  • Case of Prohibitions (1607) 12 Co Rep 64; 77 ER 1342
  • Calvin’s Case (1608) Co Rep 1a; 77 ER 377
  • Duke of Norfolk’s Case (1682) 3 Ch Cas 1; 22 ER 931
  • Entick v Carrington (1765) 19 St Tr 1030; 95 ER 807


You will need to access and read the report of the case, available at English Reports. You will receive support in the interpretation and analysis of these cases in both their historical context and their modern relevance in the weekly classes and an additional online session on assignment preparation. The classes and assignment sessions will be recorded. Suggested readings will also be available.

What must your blog post include?


 A brief, compelling title that:

·         Indicates what your article is about; and 

·         Grabs the attention of potential readers.Introduction

 Introduce the reader to your topic and provide an overview of what you are covering.Body paragraphsThese paragraphs should at minimum identify:

·         Where the case was heard (eg, Common Pleas, King’s Bench, Exchequer Chamber, etc)

·         What the year or years of the cases were and its broader historical context.

·         What the main issues in the case and, where relevant, who the main personalities or players were. To make these points you will need to use and show you have used the original report.

·         Why this case may still matter in the modern period, including any way it has influenced later doctrine, has been an important precedent, or has been a cause of controversy.ConclusionInclude a short summary at the end of your post with a ‘call to action’ (typically to another blog post, podcast, posing a question for readers to answer, etc.)ReferencingYour post must include:

·         At least four secondary sources about the case, its context, and its later significance.


·          Sources of a high scholarly standard evidenced by footnotes.


·         A short list of references at the end of the post using the law or your major’s referencing style.Interactive contentMake thoughtful and on-topic use of multimedia (images, quotes, videos, podcasts, or hyperlinks) in your post. Cite the source of multimedia content and use captions to describe image content and attribute credit.


Writing Recommendations

  • Use headings and sub-headings to break up content and ensure it is easily scannable for readers.
  • Aim for short sentences (approx. 25 words) and paragraphs of three sentences or less.
  • Bullet or numbered points—used correctly and sparingly—can highlight key information.
  • You may include links to online resources in the body of the post and tags (keywords about your post).


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