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Learning Portfolio Assessment 5000 words

Learing portfolio assessement 5000 words

Question 1: (750 words)

Reflect on yur journey of securing your industry placement position in the context of employability requirements and the selection process both from a candidate;s perspective and hotel industry perspective.

Question 2: (750 words)

Provide a brief overview of your organisation, and evaluate your induction process into the organisation and your department. Refecltion on your learning and observations, what recommendations can you make to enhance a new employees induction process and experience?

Question 3: (750 words)

Identify and analyse the organisation’s training programs for developing potential leaders. Critically evaluate the training program againts a competitor;s training program

  • Analyze your all training
  • Analyze your competitor

Question 4: ( 750 words)

Identify the business objectives of your organisation and what strategies have been implemented to meet these ojectives.

Question 5: (1000 wrods)

From your observations, experience within your department and academic research, identify and analyse the value of interrelationships between various internal and external stakeholders to achieve your department’s objectives, linking this to the organisation’s business strategies from question 4.

Question 6: (1000 words)

Conduct a fair and honest evalualtion of your performance in industry by answering the following:

  1. Based on your performance so far and your placement evaluation what do you consider to be your main strengths?
  2. Based on your performance so far and your employer evaluation what are the areas you need to improve on?
  3. What has been your biggest achievement during placement?
  4. What have you learnt about leadership during your placement?

Building on your experience what do you want to achieve in the next 12 months, how will you achieve these goals?


Use clear and appropriate headings and sub-heading where necessary, indicating which question of the assignment you are answering in your report.

Minimum of 12 in-text, academic references required, linking practical expericens to theory

Proper referencing (refer to CALS) including a list of references is to be provided.

The writer be able to use I/my in this report

The position of my IP (Industry Placement) is Store Manager

And the workplace, where i did my IP is The Chocolate Room, Leichhardt, Sydney.



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