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Solved: Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training Questions

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Unit Learning Outcomes
LO1: Understand roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training

LO2: Be able to use initial and diagnostic assessment to agree individual learning goals with learners LO3: Be able to plan inclusive teaching and learning

LO4: Be able to create and maintain a safe, inclusive, teaching and learning environment LO5: Be able to deliver inclusive teaching and learning

LO6: Be able to assess learning in education and training

LO7: Be able to implement expectations of the minimum core in planning, delivering, and assessing inclusive teaching and learning

LO8: Be able to evaluate own practice in planning, delivering, and assessing inclusive teaching and learning



Assignment Brief & Guidance

Assessment Evidence
Task 1 – Written Assignment: Roles and Responsibilities (1000 -1500 WORDS) Include the following:


1.    Analyse the roles, responsibilities, professional legislative requirements and codes of practice relating to your own area of teaching and learning (1.1) (1.2).

2.    Analyse the importance of relationships and boundaries between your own teaching role and other professional roles (1.3).

3.    Describe points of referral to meet the needs of learners including internal and external (1.4).

4.    Explain why and how you would implement the following into your lessons:

·         promoting appropriate behaviour and respect (4.1).

·         promoting equality and valuing diversity (4.2).

5.    Analyse the role and use of assessment in your planned teaching and learning, include both initial and diagnostic assessment and how they support developing students individual learning goals. Evidence different methods of initial diagnostic assessments utilised within the classroom setting then evidence how individual learning goals have been agreed, recording the learners individual learning goals (2.2) (2.3) (2.4).

Task 2 Plan an inclusive scheme of work with linked lesson plans

6.    Develop a Scheme of Work (SOW) that meets with both internal and external requirements (3.1).

7.    Develop 3 lesson plans (One of which must link to a SOW produced) that relate to learning the curriculum requirements, ensuring that differentiation and formative feedback opportunities are evident within the planned teaching and learning. (3.2) (3.5).

8.    Include a 500-word (approximate) justification of your rationale, outlining how the Scheme of Work and lesson plan meets individual learners’ needs and how teaching and learning plans can be adapted to meet the individual requirements of learners, explaining why it is important to identify and meet needs to learners (3.3) (3.4) (2.1).

Task 3 – Written Report: Inclusive Learning and Teaching (2000 words) You will demonstrate how to plan and deliver differentiated assessment to enable inclusive learning, including how to work collaboratively with others. This report will be a reflection and evaluation of the planning, delivering, and assessing of your learner/s.

9.    Identify different types of assessments and explain their purposes within education and training (6.1).

10.  Discuss how and who you would communicate with to support the individual needs of learners, including the learners (5.7).

11.  Analyse ways in which minimum core elements can be demonstrated in planning, delivering, and assessing inclusive learning and teaching (7.1).

12.  Review the effectiveness of your own practice in relation to your planning, delivering, and assessing inclusive teaching and learning, identifying any areas for improvement, considering feedback from your learners and any previous observations (8.2) (8.1).

Written Report: The recommended word count is 1000- 1500 words alongside a full list of references which should be Harvard referenced.










Lesson plan x 3

Rationale recommended 500 words justification alongside a full list of references which should be Harvard referenced.


Written Report: The recommended word count is 2000 words alongside a

full list of references which should be Harvard referenced.


Task 4 – Teaching Practice Portfolio – design three teaching and learning plans that demonstrate how you meet individual goals and needs of all learners, this must include the use of technology (5.6), to be observed by your tutor through formal observation.

Learning plans need to include aims/objectives of the session; topic/content; consider health and safety, risk assessments and areas of differentiation, embedding of the hidden curriculum; provides opportunities to address aspects of minimum core (7.2), demonstrate a range of formal and informal assessment checks to identify learning is taking place that meets individual learner needs whilst allowing learners to produce assessment evidence that is valid, reliable, sufficient, authentic and current, that meets both internal and external requirements (6.3).

Each observation must demonstrate the following:

13.  Inclusive teaching and learning through approaches and resources that meet individual needs of learners (5.4)

14.  Establish and sustain a safe, inclusive learning environment (4.3)

15.  Promote equality and value diversity in own teaching (5.5)

16.  Use questioning and feedback to contribute to the assessment process (6.4).

Following your observation in your feedback meeting you will:

17.  Demonstrate a record of the results of assessment that meet both internal and external expectations (6.5) upon completion of your observation you will demonstrate to the observer how you communicate assessment information to those interested in learner performance (6.6).

Upon completing any one of your observations, you must produce a written analysis that covers the following:

18.  Analyse the effectiveness of teaching and learning approaches and the use of resources used in your own specialism in relation to meet the individual needs of learners (5.1) (5.3)

19.  Analyse the benefits and limitations of communication methods and media within your own specialism (5.2)

20.  Analyse a range of assessment methods in relation to, meeting individual needs of learners. (6.2).


Teaching Practice Portfolio and 2 Observations and analysis of teaching practice


20 hours of teaching practice



















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