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Manage Customer Service Assessment

BSBCUS501C Manage quality customer service

Assessment Format
 Your submission should be presented in a professional and logical format
 Examples or extracts of supporting data may be included in the body of your assessment or as an appendix, with suitable explanation
 You are not expected to include whole documents or reports from your organisation as evidence – samples or extracts will suffice. Please ensure you have permission to include organisational information
 Your submission should not exceed 5MB. Please compress your files before submitting if your submission is greater than 5MB. If experiencing difficulties please copy on a CD and post to above address

The AIM assessment model The AIM assessment model The AIM assessment model The AIM assessment model The AIM assessment model
You may achieve a Statement of Attainment if you choose to undertake assessment for this program. The assessment is designed to help you gather evidence of your competence in relation to the competency. Evidence may take a variety of forms and must be:
 authentic (your own work)
 valid (related to the competency)
 reliable (show that you meet the competency in numerous opportunities over time)
 current (show that your competence is current)

Purpose of this assessment
This unit deals with the skills and knowledge required to develop strategies to manage organisational systems that ensure products and services delivered and maintained to standards agreed by the organisation.
This assessment is designed to assess your skills and knowledge on the following;
 Developing plans, policies or procedures for delivering quality customer service
 Solving complex customer complaints and system problems that lead to poor customer service
 Using a range of techniques to solve complex customer complaints
Based on this assessment a judgement can be made whether you have achieved the required competency level, or if further review of this unit is necessary

Requirements for this assessment
After the program participants have six weeks to complete the:
1. Participant Background Information
2. Assessment Tasks
3. Third Party Comments

Assessment Section 1: Know your customer
Bolded sentences are those that outline what must be physically submitted for assessment
1. Complete, copy and submit the RATER activity and the resulting reflection activities in your workbook. (BSBCUS501C 2.2, 3.1)
2. Complete and submit copies of the Customer Preparation Checklist in your workbook. (BSBCUS501C 2.2, 3.1)
3. Identify, plan, develop and implement at least 2 Proactive and 2 Reactive processes for generating customer feedback. Develop forms and processes for all 4 methods. Please remember, the focus must be on generating information on (a) what the customer needs from your organisation in regards to service provision, (b) their current view as to how your service is currently tracking and (c) what you and your team need to do to enhance and improve your service provision. Submit all documentation for assessment – copies not originals (BSBCUS501C 1.1, 3.2)
4. Implement all 4 processes within a fortnight of completing this workshop. Create an implementation plan (documented) that includes any and all time, cost and quality considerations. Submit all documentation for assessment – copies not originals (BSBCUS501C 1.2, 3.2).

5. Run the feedback processes for a month. After this time you must gather, collate and summarise the data you collect in a 2-4 page report under the following headings:
Brief Overview of each of the 4 feedback collection processes I designed and implemented, including my objectives for each process.
Brief overview of the design and implementation process I designed and implemented – timelines, planning and preparation, team involvement/training etc.
Results summary of each of the 4 processes.
Submit copies of all completed forms, document etc.
(BSBCUS501C 1.1, 1.2, 3.2)

Assessment Section 2: Develop Service Routines and Issues Capability
You are to develop a strategy to improve the ability of your team to handle complex customer complaints and issues.
1. Provide a half page overview of the service improvement you are intending to make. i.e. what aspect of complex customer complaints/issues are you intending to redress via your assessment project. (BSBCUS501C 2.1, 3.1)
2. MUST 1: Mind Set. Develop and submit list of mind set words/phrases that you believe are essential for the team to adopt in improving the service area you have nominated. (BSBCUS501C 2.1, 3.1)
3. MUST 2: Understanding: Source company and/or external materials that will underpin the specifics of what your team must understand and retain to achieve the outcome you are looking for in this strategy. Submit copies, not originals. (BSBCUS501C 3.3)
4. MUST 3: Skill: Develop and run communication skills sessions for all team members (group or 1 on 1) using the SHOW coaching session planner to articulate your learning approach. Submit a copy of the completed SHOW Coaching planner. Provide feedback from your supervisor on your coaching performance. (BSBCUS501C 2.3)
5. MUST 4: Tools: Complete the Tools activity in your workbook. Submit a copy, not the original. (BSBCUS501C 3.3)

6. In a page or so, outline your personal process for monitoring progress of service levels within your team as well as what is expected of you as a manager by your organisation in regards to managing reports, records and recommendations relating to service. (BSBCUS501C 2.2, 3.5)

Assessment Section 3: Continuous Improvement
You are to collaborate with your team on continuously improving your level of service.
1. You are to set up and conduct a team-wide (or partial-team-wide) brainstorming session to work up at least one potential improvement to a key service routine (as opposed to an area of Issues Capability). It could be about improving responsiveness, minimising steps in process, improving team communication clarity, etc. Please use the brain storming process on in your workbook, or alternatively one of the problem-solving methodologies outlined in Appendices. Submit a one page summary report under the following three headings:
– Outline the service routine you are seeking to improve
– Outline what you did in your brainstorming session
– Outline the result of the session and what you intend to do to turn a great idea into operational improvement – or – Outline why you think the session did not succeed in coming up with a suggested improvement and what you will do differently next time to make such an outcome more possible. (BSBCUS501C 2.3, 3.4)

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