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Management of Information Systems Assignment Help

Management of Information Systems Assignment Help

  1. In what ways are ERP and integration related, and what are the advantages they provide? What happens to an organization without ERP and integration and what challenges might be encountered?
  2. What is a digital dashboard and what advantages does provide to the customer and the business? What important traits are required to maintain an effective and successful digital dashboard?
  3. Why would a business want an integrated CRM system and how can it be challenging? What does a CRM system do for the analysis of information and how can it make a company more efficient and productive? In your explanation, be sure to provide real life examples as supporting evidence from an outside resource.
  4. What is the systems development life cycle and its seven phases and how do these affect business success?

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  1. What impacts have geographic information systems had on the world today? How has it influenced business and marketing?
  2. What are the benefits and challenges of a connected world?
  3. What are the different wireless network business applications and the benefits they provide?
  4. What are the different wireless network categories and why are they important to know?
  5. In what ways are technologies transforming how we live, and what are the five different networking elements creating a connected world and their advantages? Provide examples to support your answer.
  6. What effects to wireless technologies have on everyday life and business life and how do these technologies enable widespread adoption and innovation? In your discussion, address the benefits and challenges of business mobility.


  1. What four characteristics determine the value of information and how? Give examples in your answer.
  2. What are the definitions of a database, a database management system, and the relational database model and what are the advantages of the relational database model?
  3. What is a data-driven website, why would someone use one, and what benefits does offer?
  4. In what ways can a data warehouse help managers be more effective and why is that important for a business? In what situations is it best to use a data warehouse above other data storage options?
  5. Read the article below and discuss the definition of business intelligence and what it means for a company. What are the negative impacts of BI and how does a database and data warehouse support BI? Be sure to give examples either from the text or outside sources to support any personal views you include in your discussion.
  6. Analyze the table below. Discuss any issues you find in the information presented and explain why most low information errors occur. In your discussion, define high quality information and what a business can do to implement high quality information.


Customer ID Customer First Name Customer Last Name Address City State Zip Phone
1771 Larry Shimk 143 S. Denver NY 178908 911
1771 Caroline Shimk 143 N. West St. Buffalo NY 14321 716-333-4567
1772 Shimk Caroline 143 N. West St. Buffalo NY 14321 716-333-4567
1772 Heather Schwiter 55 N. W. S. Miss LaGrange GA 14321 716-333-4567
1772 Debbie Fernandez S. Main St. Denver CO 80252 333-8965
1772 Debbie Fernandez S. Main St. Denver CO 80252 333-8965
1773 Justin Justin 34 Kerry Rd. Littleton CO 98987 716-67-9087
1774 Pam 66 S. Carlton North Glen CO 98765 343-456-6857



  1. What is MIS infrastructure and the three primary types? In your answer, include the three areas associated with an information MIS infrastructure.
  2. What is an agile MIS infrastructure and what are it’s characteristics, benefits and effects?
  3. In what ways do MIS impact the environment? Is it helpful or harmful?
  4. What are the three components of a sustainable MIS infrastructure and the benefits they provide? Why would a company want a sustainable MIS Infrastructure?
  5. Describe technical architecture as a structured process and compare it to software architecture. How are the two related? In what ways does it allow us to design better systems?
  6. In what ways does Information Technology (IT) architecture impact and influence company operations? Would you agree that it is vital to a company. Provide examples in your explanation.


  1. What are information security policies and information security plans and how are they related?
  2. What is the acceptable use policy and under what conditions does it apply?
  3. What types of security should a bank implement and what affects would it have? What major types of attacks should a company expect?
  4. What are three ways to prevent identity theft mentioned in the text?
  5. Define the three primary information security areas (with examples) and discuss situations in which are they needed. In what ways do the different types of hackers and viruses affect these security areas and information security plans and policies?
  6. Pick 1 example from below and discuss ethical issues regarding information and technology use. In your discussion, address the six epolicies suggested for organizational use and the roles they played (or lack of utilization). 1. Corporate Email issue: 2. Hewlett-Packard issue:


  1. What are disruptive and sustaining technologies and what impact do they have on business decisions? Explain your answer using examples.
  2. What type of technologies are the Internet and the WWW and in what ways did they change communication and collaboration for businesses in the Information age?
  3. What are collaboration, collective intelligence and croudsourcing, and in what ways would they affect a company moving to an open system?
  4. Describe the benefits, business tools and challenges associated with using Web 2.0.
  5. Foursquare, a social networking geotagging game, just partnered with Wall Street Journal by making the famous publication a geolocation. Read Kit Eaton’s article (below) and explain how “old media meets new web media” in this partnership and the appeal of using this type of ebusiness. In your discussion, address the associated advantages and disadvantages for Wall Street and other geolocation businesses as a result of their partnership and define the type of ebusiness model that is being used
  6. Discuss the needs that lead to the evolution of Web 1.0 into Web 2.0 and the advantages gained by businesses as a result. Use examples from the text and 2 outside resources. Lastly, discuss the challenges with Web 2.0 and describe the face the next generation of online business.

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