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Marketing Research Assignment Answers for Why Do Foreign Student Choose To Pursue Their Tertiary Education In Malaysia?

Looking for Marketing Research Assignment Answers on study in Malaysia? The higher education sector is responsible for the operation of higher education institutions (HEIs) in Malaysia and is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). Get Assignment Help in MalaysiaMBA Assignment Help In Malaysia and Case Study Help Malaysia from MBA/PhD Experts in Best Affordable Price.


Why Do Foreign Student Choose To Pursue Their Tertiary Education In Malaysia?

Words Length: 2500- 3000 Word

Malaysia is establishing its market share in the education industry. As a consultant, you have been given the task to conduct a market research study on the pull factors of why do foreign students chose to pursue their tertiary education in Malaysia.

B. Assignment Structure/Marks Allocation

Your research report should cover the following:                                    Marks Allocated

Part One: Executive Summary                                                                           (5 marks)


Part Two: Introduction & Research Background                                       (15 marks)

  1. Statement of the problem
  2. Objectives of the research: Identify what are the general objectives and specific objectives of the research and its link to research problem

Part Three: Literature Review                                                                            (15 marks)

  1. Theoretical framework: What are the relevant theories, concepts and models relevant for the research?
  2. Use of secondary data
  3. Hypothesis of the study. (At least 2)

Part Four: Research Design & Primary Data                                                  (40 marks)

  1. Population and sample: Who are the population and sample for the research? What sampling technique proposed and why?
  2. Data collection method: Qualitative or quantitative?
  3. Measurement: What is your research going to measure? Attach your questionnaire in the Appendix
  4. Findings and Data
  5. Use of pie chart and other diagrams to represent data

Part Five: Benefits and limitations of the Proposed Research                 (10 marks)

  1. Discussion of managerial benefits of the research
  2. Possible limitations of the proposed research

Part Six: Conclusion                                                                                                  (40 marks)

Part Seven: Overall quality                                                                                     (5 marks)

Include format, citations, referencing and good use of language to show clarity in writing with minimal spelling and grammatical errors

(Total 100 marks)

C.    The Assignment Guidelines

The assignment must adhere to standard academic documentation standards:

  • Please use appropriate citation and reference according to the Harvard Name Referencing System in order to avoid
  • Font type should be Times New
  • Font size should be 12
  • Vertical/line spacing should be 1.5 line spacing.
  • You must use enough of your own words to convince that you understand what you are writ- ing and are not just “cutting and pasting”. Normally your own words should be no less than 80% of the total word
  • You should on no account make reference to,, or the likes as sources for your work.

These websites can be useful to provide you with the definitions and the general ideas about the concepts within module but it is not acceptable to be inserted into your academic writ- ing.

  • You may include diagrams, figures, tables etc. without word
  • You are required to use at least 8 references with 50% of them are from relevant textbooks, magazines and academic

The report should not be more than 2000 words and your word count must be indicated on your cover page. In the event the maximum word limit of 2,000 is exceeded, any part or parts of the essay in excess of the word limit will be disregarded.


Why Do Foreign Student Choose To Pursue Their Tertiary Education In Malaysia?

My name is Zainab Fauzee. I am currently studying Marketing Management in Asia Pacific university. As part of my MKIR assignment, I am conducting a survey in order to gather data about the possible reasons why foreign students choose to study in Malaysia. The information gathered will be only use for academic purposes and will respect your confidentiality and privacy. Thank you for helping me gather the information.

Name: Nationality:

Circle the most appropriate answer based on the scale of 1 to 5.

Questions 1

Questions 2

Questions 3

Questions 4

Questions 5


50 responses

I choose to study in Malaysia because it is close to home.

50 responses

Chart 1

I choose to study in Malaysia because it allows me to discover a new culture.

50 responses

chart 2

I choose to study in Malaysia because it will allow me to meet people from around the world.

50 responses

chart 3

I choose to study in Malaysia because of the living costs.

48 responses

chart 4

I choose to study in Malaysia because of the safe environment.

49 responses

chart 5

I choose to study in Malaysia because it was refereed by people currently studying in Malaysia.

49 responses

chart 6

I choose to study in Malaysia because of my parents.

47 responses

chart 7

I choose to study in Malaysia because of the job prospects available after i Tnish my studies.

49 responses

chart 8

I choose to study in Malaysia because of the fees.

48 responses

study in Malaysia because of the fees

I choose to study in Malaysia because of the university’s reputation.

50 responses

chart 9

I choose to study in Malaysia because of the various academic Majors provided.

49 responses

various academic Majors provided

What would suggest to Malaysian Universities that could help them attract more International students?

48 responses

Malaysian Universities

What are your expectations from Malaysian Universities?

49 responses

expectations from Malaysian Universities

Which is an ideal University that could attract more foreign students in Malaysia?

49 responses

more foreign students in Malaysia

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