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Physical punishment by parents including smacking should not be permitted because it is not an effective form of correction for children? In the past, many parents or guardians of children beat their children for misbehavior, sometimes beating them with belts, canes, sticks and many other articles. They use this to discipline the child and make them well mannered and well behaved. Parents and guardians of children are always looking to improve their children, but by virtue of doing this, they often harm their loved ones. Often they harm the child physically and negatively impact on their mental health and family reputation. This essay will argue that physical punishment by parents including smacking should not be permitted because it is not an effective form of correction for children. It will consider that there are many other ways to discipline children such as taking their technologies away and grounding them, and the significant harm that physical punishment inflicts on the children. Firstly, a guardian who punishes their kids by way of pounding them by a cane or a belt could be liable for punishment of imprisonment in accordance with a newly introduced legislation on corporal penalty, unless they hit their children with their hand (Leverich 2006). A famous case is when the British commandment permitted a person continually to hit his 9 years old stepson with a cane, and was not convicted for committing assault (Wilson and James 2002). The person was found not guilty of assault for imposing “reasonable chastisement” on his stepson. The concerned child made a complaint to the European court regarding his “ruthless or humiliating treatment or chastisement” and was protected by the provisions laid down by the human right conventions (Holt, 2006). New laws are also concerned about whether punishments imposed upon a child by the guardians’ affects the child as to “lasting physical or psychological damage”. Staining will be considered as permanent injury and any chastisement to be expected to cause that will be against the law (Donnelly and Straus 2005). In accordance with the sources of government, this signifies that pounding a child by a cane or a belt or a ruler would not be permissible. The utilization of a fastening or any similar kind of thing transversely upon the palm of the child is a “grey area” (Goldstone and Goldstone, 2005). Slapping or pounding by a release hand has not though been banned by the European court of law with competent jurisdiction (Mauer and Chesney-Lind, 2002). Punishments depend on the risk caused to the safety of the child and various aspects like age of the child, health of the child, how frequently it was inflicted by the parents, way of beating the child. Most of these acts are illegal and thus parents should be prohibited from smacking their children. Secondly, parents should not smack children or physically punish children as it is harmful to children’s mental and physical health. Many children who sofa from physical punishment end up with emotional problems such as depression, and develop aggressive behavior (FIND EVIDENCE) AND 3 MORE JOURNAL ARTICLE BASED ON MENTAL HEALTH AND BASED ON THIS SECOND ARGUEMENT…………………………………………………….. 3 journal articles additional THIS ESSAY SHOULD HAVE AN ARGUMENT, COUNTER ARGEUEMENT REFUTATION OF COUNTER ARGUEMNT AND CONCLUSION AND SO ON, EVERYTHING ELSE THAT HAS BEEN DONE IS GOOD SO FAR, THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT NEED TO BE FIX, THE WHOLE ESSASY SHOULD BE ABOUT 1,250 WORDS


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