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MG412 Principles of Marketing Assignment Answers

Need Assignment Solutions on MG412 Principles of Marketing

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Executive Summary of 4P’s of Marketing Mix

The key intention of the report is to perform in-depth research in the two brands called Fairy Washing-up Liquid and Ecover Washing-up Liquid to analyze their method of applying marketing mix while promoting their specific brands. By assessing and identifying the brand values, market positions, environment and market competition, a conclusion will be provided to ensure it helps understand the importance of the marketing mix. In this study, the observational and secondary research method has been used to ensure learning and comprehending effectiveness. The results indicate both the brands have applying marketing mix strategically; however, few instances make one most successful apart from the other brand considerably. It will provide a profound understanding of the factors that are associated with the application of the marketing mix within their brand promotion.


Analyzing brands and their marketing strategies streams a profound knowledge which is beneficial to gain being a marketer or manager. With this fact, this research report is related to the principles of marketing. The main aim of this research report is to assess the effectiveness of the marketing mix of two brands by comparing them within the contrast of understanding strategic marketing approaches. Evaluating such strategies will provide an insight into the marketing environment to know how organizations use and apply tactical decisions to extend and push their brands to maintain revenue generation (Palmatier and Crecelius, 2019).

The two brands that will be analyzed in this report are Fairy Washing-up Liquid and Ecover Washing-up Liquid. The two brands are in the same domain and have an equal target market; therefore the competition is considerably high. The two brands play tough competition in terms of market share, market size, and market trends as both are into the same business. The market share, market share, and trends are quite similar amongst the two brands. However, there are a few instances and factors that make one ahead of the other, and this report is intended to identify such aspects effectively. Understanding the different marketing strategies of the two brands or organization will provide in-depth knowledge to prosper as an effective marketer or to improve business considerably (Bonaparte, 2019). Thus, studying or using as a point of reference to this research report will be beneficial to gain progression on the subject knowledge in achieving excellence.

Findings of 4P’s of Marketing Mix

Comparison of Target Markets

Since, Fairy washing-up liquid is a brand of Procter & Gamble’s (P&G), a renowned company into the dish washing business uses tactical approaches to reach their customers effectively (, 2020). They target specifically to customers within the age range of 18 to 55 years. Their products are intended to ensure a fast and easy cleaning solution to save customer’s time. Most of the customers fall under the middle class and the upper-middle class with an adequate amount of educational background of graduation or master’s degree. Besides, they target customer who was tangled with domestic chores and looking for effective cleaning solutions (Gijsenberg and Nijs, 2019). Fairy and Ecover, both the brands targets customers who are always on the run, having a busy lifestyle, either in work or coping with household chores, seeking quick and hassle free cleaning.

Conversely, Ecover Washing-up Liquid adopts a similar methodology while targeting its customers. They target customers with the same age group of 18 to 55 years who faces challenges in handling daily households. The products are developed for consumers who fall under the bracket of the lower middle class and middle class as understood by looking at their pricing. As the packaging of products are simple and clean, they target customer with moderate or minimum education level of high school or regular graduation degree. They differentiate themselves by claiming that they use Eco-friendly ingredients in their products to ensure safety to customers and the environment (, 2020).


The two brands use natural ingredients which are environmentally friendly and safe to use for customers. However, there is a major difference in the packaging factor. Fairly Washing-up Liquid uses high-quality packaging which looks premium and solid, whereas, Ecover Washing-up Liquid uses a sophisticated packaging (, 2020). This shows that Fairly Washing-up Liquid expends more funds on their packaging to attract customers by giving a premium feel of quality (, 2020). Nevertheless, in the case of Ecover Washing-up Liquid, it has been understood that the company focuses less on spending high funds on the packaging. It is believed that since P&G is a well-established company, thus, it can spend maximum money on their packaging and developing products (Martens, 2018).

Now, concerning Ecover washing-up Liquid, it focuses more on developing quality products rather than spending more money on packaging (, 2020). Subsequently, both the companies tried to portray that uses authentic and quality ingredients within their products to make sure, no harm caused to any of their consumers and can retain the products as long as they want to use . According to the Levitt’s model of a brand, changes are the key factors that help establish an improved brand. It consists of four factors such as structure, people, task, and technology. Similarly, the two brands have used the model significantly, to create a change and develop their brands effectively, for instance, in colour, size, quality, and packaging.


Pricing of the dish washing market is highly sensitive, always fluctuating with a small volume of incline and decline. Price changes fast depending on the market conditions, rivalry, and entry of newly launched products (Abril and Rodriguez-Cánovas, 2016). Concerning the pricing of fairy Washing-up Liquid, they have a moderate pricing range which is reasonable for the middle class and upper-middle-class consumers to purchase. Whereas, Ecover Washing-up Liquid have extremely reasonable pricing which is adequate and preferable for the lower middle class and middle-class customers to buy.

By looking at the pricing of the two products, it can be analyzed that the price of Fairy Washing-up Liquid is comparatively higher than the price of Ecover Washing-up Liquid, for example, for a 450ml of liquid bottle Fairy charges £1.50, whereas, Ecover charges £1.80. This indicates that there is a close pricing competition among the rivalries. Also, since Fairy is an umbrella company of P&G, they can penetrate the market with lower prices to defeat the competitors. However, in the case of e-cover, the company majorly focuses on making a quality product which makes them different from allies.


Since both the companies are into household business, their distribution network or channel has a high volume of covering end number of retailers and wholesalers. The emerging preference of e-commerce by the majority of the customers, both the companies have tied up with global e-commerce partners like Amazon along with their online platform to sell products right from the stocks. Besides, the companies have their self outlets and distribution channels to distribute products to every allied retailer. The feature of customer reviews within their e-store pages, it helps to create a positive image on the company’s product to maximize sell and generate new sales leads.

 The two brands have significantly understood that online and e-commerce is an effective way to reach their target customers and channelize their products directly to customers without commissioning to the middlemen involved in the distribution process. Also, with strategic marketing techniques, they engage customers effectively to create a brand value and help generate a new customer base. Stocking products in-stores is also an effective way to distribute products and seek for high profitability concerning sales and new customers’ simultaneously. Since, the two brands trades on a mass market, therefore, the distribution outlets are been maximized rigorously to meet the exact needs of their customers.


Communication is an effective tool to reach target customers to create awareness and market products. Fairy Washing-up Liquid uses all the trending technologies to reach their customers to engage and offer assistance, for example, social media sites, celebrity endorsement, television advertisements, billboards, and through email marketing. The changing and trending marketing tools, it helps the brand steps ahead using the effectiveness of technology and typical marketing campaigns. Whereas, in the case of Ecover Washing-up Liquid, they have introduced a unique marketing campaign called “Rubbish Café” to create awareness about their products towards new and existing customers (Brazier, 2018).

The company believes it is effective to engage conscious customers to improve their cleaning skill by acquiring knowledge of the brand (Brazier, 2018). Besides, alike Fairy, they also use typical online and offline marketing campaigns approaches to reach their customers to promote brand and products. It has been noted that, the two brands positions themselves as an affordable, healthy, and socially conscious towards the minds of their consumers through pricing, quality, and packaging.


By looking at the comparison of target markets, understood that both the brands have used effective and typical 4P’s of the marketing mix within their marketing activity. The two brands have applied the 4P’s strategically by identifying marketing competition, market size, and market potentiality (Datta, Ailawadi and van Heerde, 2017). Moreover, it has been identified that Fairy Washing-up Liquid brand has not much effort on making something unique to add an extra layer of marketing effectiveness in its brand promotion campaigns. They attached with the typical and ongoing marketing tools to reach towards customers to make the promotion of their brands. However, the case of Ecover Washing-up Liquid brand is different. They have used an exclusive and effective approach to create awareness or promote their brands and product as identified, “Rubbish Café”. This has helped the company to gain a massive number of engaging customers to learn and witness live cleanup process which has fetched huge attention towards their product (Baker and Hart, 2016).

Since Fairy has a strong backup of a renowned company like P&G, they could have used more tactical marketing campaigns ahead of regular celebrity endorsements. In contrary, Ecover brand has emerged rapidly being the top 5 dish cleaning solution brand across the globe by applying a unique concept of promoting a brand. In this regard, Ecover Washing-up Liquid brand is been most successful in its application of marketing mix. Applying the 4P’s of the marketing mix was necessary as it the core framework and methodology of marketing any brand or product towards their target customers as the factors are interdependent with each other (Kasemsap, 2018.).

The two brands have an equal requirement of improvement within their application of marketing mix and brand promotion respectively. It is recommended that the Fairy brand must focus on creating something exceptional than its competitors to gain the declining market and improve the growth of the brand, for instance, a door-to-door demo of providing cleanup solutions of their brand to educate about product’s effectiveness. It will not only help gain a new customer base but also assist in creating a positive outlook on the company’s product quality, efficiency, and brand name. Concerning Ecover Washing-up Liquid brand, focus should be on expanding its market to untapped regions and accelerate the use of technology and social media campaigns to compete with other rivalries to retain its position within the market. Besides, the 4P’s of marketing mix require additional focus on effective market segmentation, pricing, distribution, and creating brand loyalty within customer by delivering what they actually look for within a dish washing cleaning solutions.


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