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MIS771 – Descriptive Analytics and Data Visualisation

 Descriptive Analytics and Visualisation.

The Data Visualisation assignment consists of the following steps:
a) Select and review a Dataset to be used as the basis for your assignment.
b) Identify key data elements in the selected Dataset that could be used to further explore using data visualisation methods.
c) Define a business/user persona that will be the audience of your data visualisation, and develop a Story to help focus and guide your data visualisation development process.
d) Present a professional report outlining the key aspects of your data visualization.
e) Develop a Data Visualisation dashboard (using the Tableau software), and present Screenshots and Descriptions of the dashboard in PowerPoint.

The formal assignment submission will comprise the following two components:
a) Written component (maximum 2 pages, plus Cover page provided in PDF format)
b) Presentation component (maximum 10 slides, plus Cover page provided in PowerPoint format)
Note: Details on where to send the Submission Content will be provided via Cloud Deakin and students will be able to provide either Individual Submissions or Group Submissions (that is, in teams of 2 or 3 students). You will need to submit your assignment content via the drop-box process provided via Cloud Deakin… Please do NOT email your Submission to any personal e-mail addresses (it might get over-looked and not scored)!!!
Hint: You will NOT be expected to present an Oral Presentation of your assignment to the class, instead you entire assignment score will be based on the assessment of your Written and Presentation submission.
The remainder of this document will review the details of each component of the assignment.

2. Written Component (Details)
First select and review a Dataset that you would like to use as a basis of your Assignment (see section 4. for additional details on the Assignment Datasets)
Once you have selected your Data you are required to write a ‘professionally’ presented business report with the following content areas (no more than 2 pages, plus a Cover page, presented as a PDF):
a) Identify Data Elements
Using what you have learnt in the Data Visualisation lectures and tutorials, please describe each column in the Dataset (note: you should describe all columns regardless of whether you will ultimately use them in your visualisation or not) and classify the Data
Data Visualisation – Assignment Details MIS771 Page 3
Type for each column (for example, Categorical, Continuous, Ordinal, Interval, Time/Date, Location)
b) Describe the Audience for your Data Visualisation
Using the concepts of a ‘Persona’ we discussed in the second Lecture and second Tutorial, describe a persona for the audience of the Data Visualisation you intend to create. Note: don’t forget to include a general description of the persona, questions they want answered, actions/outcomes you will be supporting, the feeling you’d like to convey).
In addition to the Persona, please provide a brief Story Outline of the selected Dataset (50 words or less), using the high-level Story framework discussed in the second Lecture and second Tutorial
c) Describe at a high level what types of charts you might use to display the data.
Based on the Data Element types you described earlier in this section, along with the objectives of the persona you described, what charts and visualisations do you think might work well to communicate our information.
d) Finally, describe any Data Ethics considerations there is with the data you intend to use.
Using the Ethics framework we discussed in the last lecture, please describe any considerations you think you should keep in mind while developing and/or sharing your visualisation.

3. Presentation Component (Details)
In the Presentation component of the Assignment you are expected to develop an interactive Data Visualisation dashboard, using your selected Dataset, and then capture and describe various screenshots in a PowerPoint presentation (no more than 10 slides, plus Cover page).
Please begin the presentation with an outline of the Persona you developed (including question/action/outcome objectives), along with the basic Story Outline from your Written Component of the assignment.
Then using the skills you have developed in the tutorial sessions (and leveraging any additional training and/or on-line support provided by Tableau) you should develop an interactive Data Visualisation using the Tableau software.
Hint: You can simply capture full screenshots using the MS-Windows <Print Screen> function, or you can easily export ‘Screen images’ by using the ‘Export Image’ option from either Tableau Worksheet or Dashboard menu items.
In addition to the screenshots you are required to provide additional comments and descriptions on each slide (for example, add Audio commentary, or comments on each slide), which describe details about how you have considered the Data Visualisation Framework while developing the Data Visualisation.

For example:
a) What and why you selected certain types of Charts?
b) How have you use Color (or not)?
c) How have you used Hierarchy in your approach?
d) What Interactive components you introduced?
e) How have you supported the motivations of the Persona you defined?
f) Data Source details/citations, and any data manipulation you performed

Data Visualisation – Assignment Details MIS771 Page 4
Hint: In some later versions of PowerPoint you can also record your own personal commentary directly in to the PowerPoint file… Try using the menu option Slide show–> Record Slide Show

4. Datasets (Details)
For this Data Visualisation assignment I have provided you with a Dataset that contains Data Elements with characteristics that lend themselves to different types of Data Visualisations and Interactions (that is, Multi Variant, Geo-Location, URLs, etc).

Note: You need only choose one of these Datasets to complete the assignment.
Hint: You may add additional Statistical analysis and/or Supporting data of your own (for example, additional Latitude/Longitude data), however, the focus of the assignment should be on the core data provided in the Dataset.
The following sections provided a high-level description of the Datasets to help you make a choice. The assignment Datasets will be available via the Cloud Deakin Site.
Dataset 1: Journalist Deaths 1992-2014
Filename: JournalistDeaths_Ass03.xls
The ‘Journalist Death’ Dataset is a Multivariate Dataset that provides details on more than 1500 individual Journalists and Media workers that have been killed while reporting on events around the world. The dataset spans the period from 1992-2014 and includes indications of Country of Death, Gender, Job Description, along with a detailed Description of events and a URL link to a profile.

Note: Please note that a number data elements might be missing or set to ‘Null’, for the purposes of the Assignment this missing data is not important.

Source: This Dataset was originally sourced from the website (The Committee to Protect Journalists). The Dataset has been simplified the Dataset a little to support the assignment comes.
Dataset 2: Marathon Winners 1897-2014
Filename: MarathonWinners_Ass03.xls
The ‘Marathon Winners’ Dataset is a Multivariate Dataset that provides details on almost 300 individual male and female pervious marathon winners from around the world. The dataset spans the period from 1897-2014 and includes indications of Country of Origin, Gender, Number of Marathon wins, along with a detailed runner Description and a URL link to a profile.

Note: Please note that a number data elements might be missing or set to ‘Null’, for the purposes of the Assignment this missing data is not important.

Source: This Dataset was originally sourced via website. The Dataset has been simplified to support the assignment outcomes.

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