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MNGT6251 Marketing Management Term 3 Essay Question And Answer

MNGT6251/MBAX9114 Marketing Management Term 2 Assignment Question And Answer

Assignment Brief:

  • Topic :: Marketing Management
  • Document Type :: Essay (any type)
  • Subject :: Marketing
  • Number of Words :: Total 2500 (2x questions at 1225 word each)
  • Citation/Referencing Style:: Harvard


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Question 1 – this question relates to the case study – 2017, Go Pro: Brand Extension, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Imagine that you have been asked to advise Go Pro on their marketing strategy for the next few years.  You understand from initial meetings with Go Pro that the senior executive team is split 50:50 on whether they should extend the brand to specifically target mountain bikes or to target surfboards and surf wear apparel and sunglasses.

Based on your understanding and detailed applications of appropriate models, concepts and frameworks from Marketing Management, recommend and justify a marketing strategy to support either extending their brand and marketing to the mountain bike or the surfing equipment and apparel market(Note:  you are at liberty to choose either market – you must simply describe how you would support the brand extension into this market using applications of marketing best practices taught in Marketing Management).

NOTE: in answering this question, please restrict yourself to information contained in the case study itself.  You are not required to conduct research into what Go Pro has done or what has happened in the market since the publication of the case study.  Any information which you may bring into your answer that is not found in the case study provided in Moodle will be ignored by the Examiner in assessing you. You should focus on developing your answer based solely on the information provided in the case.


Question 2– this question does not relate to the case study.  Please do not cite or rely on information from the case study to support your answer here.

Imagine that you are attending an industry wide virtual Zoom conference and one of the key-note speakers makes the following statement:

Until the disruption of our industry by the arrival of digital technologies Marketing was one of the less important support functions in most organisations.  Mostly marketers just focused on trying to persuade reluctant customers to buy the goods and services that we had so that we could meet our sales targets.  But in recent years Marketing has moved front and center, because communicating the organisation’s value propositions that sit at the heart of the business model is crucial to survival let alone commercial success.

Argue for or against this statement ensuring that you support your argument with detailed application of relevant models, concepts and frameworks from the study of Marketing Management and illustrative example of marketing practices from your experience or observation.

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