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  1. What is a partition? How does a partition relate to a collaboration?
  2. What is a package? How are packages related to partitions and layers?
  3. What are the five steps for identifying packages and creating package diagrams?
  4. What needs to be verified and validated in package diagrams?
  5. When drawing package diagrams, what guidelines should you follow?
  6. Describe the four steps in object persistence design.
  7. What is referential integrity and how is it implemented in an RDBMS?
  8. What are the factors in determining the type of object persistence format that should be adopted for a system? Why are these factors so important?
  9. What is the purpose of normalization?
  10. Describe several techniques that can improve performance of a database.


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  1. Contrast the following sets of terms: object, class,method, attribute, superclass, subclass, concrete class, abstract class.
  2. Give three examples of derived attributes that mayexist on a class diagram.
  3. Draw the relationships that are described by the following business rules. Include the multiplicities for

each relationship.

A patient must be assigned to only one doctor and a

doctor can have one or many patients.

An employee has one phone extension, and a unique

phone extension is assigned to an employee.

A movie theater shows at least one movie, and a movie

Can be shown at up to four other movie theaters

Around town.

A movie either has one star, two costars, or more than

Ten people starring together. A star must be in at

Least one movie.

  1. Give two examples of aggregation, generalization, and

association relationships. How is each type of association depicted on a class diagram?

  1. Identify the following operations as constructor, Query, or update. Which operations would not need to be shown in the class rectangle?

Calculate employee raise (raise percent)

Calculate sick days ()

Increment number of employee vacation days ()

Locate employee name ()

Place request for vacation (vacation day)

Find employee address ()

Insert employee ()

Change employee address ()

Insert spouse

Exercise :

  1. Create a CRC card for each of the following classes.

Consider that the entities represent a system for a

patient billing system. Include only the attributes that

would be appropriate for this context.

Patient (age, name, hobbies, blood type, occupation,

insurance carrier, address, phone)

Insurance carrier (name, number of patients on plan,

address, contact name, phone)

Doctor (specialty, provider identification

  1. Draw a class diagram for each of the following situations:

Whenever new patients are seen for the first time,they complete a patient information form that asks

their name, address, phone number and insurance carrier, which are stored in the patient information

file. Patients can be signed up with only one carrier, but they must be signed up to be seen by the doctor.

Each time a patient visits the doctor, an insurance

Book Name

Dennis, Alan (2012-05-01). Systems Analysis and Design with UML, 4th Edition (Page 233). Wiley Higher Ed. Kindle Edition.

  1. How is behavioral modeling related to structuralmodeling?
  2. Contrast the following sets of terms: state, behavior, class, object, action, and activity.
  3. Why is iteration important when creating a behavioralmodel?
  4. When drawing a communication diagram, whatguidelines should you follow?
  5. Identify the models that contain each of the following

components: actor, association, class, extends, association, final state, guard condition, initial state, links, message, multiplicity, object, state, transition, and update operation.

  1. Draw a behavioral state machine that describes thevarious states that a travel authorization can have through its approval process. A travel authorization form is used in most companies to approve travel expenses for employees. Typically, an employee fills out a blank form and sends it to his or her boss for a signature. If the amount is fairly small (<$300), then the boss signs the form and routes it to accounts payable to be input into the accounting system. The system cuts a check that is sent to the employee for the right amount, and after the check is cashed, the

form is filed away with the canceled check. If the check is not cashed within 90 days, the travel form expires. When the amount of the travel voucher is a large amount (>$300), then the boss signs the form and sends it to the CFO, along with a paragraph explaining the purpose of the travel; the CFO signs the form and passes it along to accounts payable. Of course, the boss and the CFO can reject the travel authorization form if they do not feel that the expenses are reasonable. In this case, the employee can change the form to include more explanation or

decide to pay the expenses.

Dennis, Alan (2012-05-01). Systems Analysis and Design with UML, 4th Edition (Page 267). Wiley Higher Ed. Kindle Edition.

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