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OP 201- Operations Management Assignment Questions and Answers

OP 201- Operations Management Assignment Answers at Boitekanelo College

Degree In Healthcare Management

Words – 4000


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  1. Give five examples of inputs in healthcare. What are the three common types of processes in healthcare? What are the outputs? (15 marks)
  2. What are the decisions typically made by OM professionals? Be specific on these decisions (9 marks)
  3. What is a SWOT analysis? Give examples of S, W, O, and T. using a local hospital e.g Bokamoso hospital (20 marks)
  4. What are the external forces that impact a healthcare business unit? Assess any four. and explain how they help shape a business strategy.(16 marks)
  5. Describe the strategy development process.(12 marks)
  6. What are the four competitive priorities that help an organization compete through superior operations? Briefly Discuss each one.(16 marks)
  7. Use the information below to answer question (i)

Boitekanelo College would like to open up a private clinic called Boitekanelo Private Care.  It is considering three different locations; Maun, Francistown and Selibe Phikwe, cost are comparable at all locations. The college has identified 7 factors for consideration and intends to use factor rating to analyze based on five point scale with 1 being poor, then 5 being excellent.

The factors’ weight assigned and factor scope for each factor and each locations are given in the table below.

  1. (i) Assist the college to select the best place to locate their facility. (12 marks)


Factors Factor Weight Maun F/Town Selibe Phikwe
Appearance 20 5 3 2
Ease of Expansion 10 4 4 2
Proximity To Market 20 2 3 5
Customer Parking 20 5 3 3
Accessibility 10 5 2 3
Competition 10 2 4 5
Proximity to labor 10 1 3 4
Total 100



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