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Organisational Theory Assignment Help

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Length: 2,000 words (maximum)


Individual perspectives produce different types of knowledge. Choose two organisational theory perspectives and critically evaluate how each contributes a different understanding of sustainability within organisations.

Organizational Culture Assignment Help

Based on your selected perspectives, draw upon relevant readings out of the given list as a starting point for your essay. You should also use the textbook and other resources to assist in the development of your analysis.


I have chosen 2 theories for the essay: Modernism and Postmodernism. Hence essay should be developed using this two theories.

This essay requires a minimum of 10 references. (Harvard Australian Referencing)

This are the 4 shared readings are given for this essay:

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Crtical Theory:

Cho, C. H., Laine, M., Roberts, R. W., & Rodrigue, M. (2015). Organized hypocrisy, organizational façades, and sustainability reporting. Accounting, Organizations and Society, 40, 78-94.


Tata, J., & Prasad, S. (2015). National cultural values, sustainability beliefs, and organizational initiatives. Cross Cultural Management, 22(2), 278-296.

Symbolic Interpretivist:

Powell, M., & Osborne, S. P. (2015). Can marketing contribute to sustainable social enterprise?. Social Enterprise Journal, 11(1), 24-46.


Atkins, J., Atkins, B. C., Thomson, I., & Maroun, W. (2015). “Good” news from nowhere: imagining utopian sustainable accounting. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 28(5), 651-670.

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