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Organisations and Behavior Assignment Help

Organisations and Behavior Assignment Help

Unit Outcomes Covered:
LO1 Understand the relationship between organisational structure and culture
LO2 Understand different approaches to management and leadership
LO3 Understand ways of using motivational theories in organisations
LO4 Understand mechanisms for developing effective teamwork in organisations

Mercury Print & Packaging are experiencing a period of change as the owner MR S. Siddall hands the business over to his 2 sons. Mr S. Siddall has a very distinctive management style and with the handover looming ever closer, he has agreed for a “Change Management Team” to assess and report on the business with comparisons to other organisations.

Task 1:
Section 1 of the report will focus on structure, culture and performance:
1.1 Identify the organisational structure and culture within Mercury Print & Packaging Limited. Compare this with the structure and culture within a large organisation.
1.2 Further explain how the relationship between structure and culture can impact on the performance of a company like Mercury Print & Packaging Limited.
1.3 Finally discuss the factors which can influence individual behavior at work and its overall impact on a company’s performance.
To achieve M1, you will make effective judgments and further examples on the impact of structure and culture on a business’s performance.
To achieve D1, you will have to justify with clear ideas your conclusions on the impact of individual behaviours at work.
(Task 1 covers LO1 and Assessment Criteria AC1.1; AC1.2; AC1.3; M1; D1)
Task 2:
This section of the report will focus on leadership and management styles:
2.1 Compare the effectiveness of different leadership style. Compare leadership style within Mercury Print & Packaging Limited with “Democratic Leadership” style and state which one is more effective and why?
2.2 Further explain how organisational theory underpins the practice of management.
2.3 Finally, evaluate two management approaches used by both organisations (Mercury + another selected organisation). Which is better and why?
To achieve M2, you will show a range of sources of information to discuss how organizational theory underpins the practice of management.
(Task 2 covers LO2 and Assessment Criteria AC2.1; AC2.2; AC2.3; M2)

Task 3:
Section 3 of the report will look at leadership and motivation:
3.1 Focusing on the change in leadership at Mercury Print & Packaging Limited,
discuss the impact that different leadership styles can have on motivation in
organisations. Compare with Mr. S. Siddall’s leadership approach.
3.2 Compare how motivational theories are still applicable in the modern workplace.
3.3 Finally evaluate how useful motivational theory is to managers today.
To achieve D2 you will have demonstrated an effective approach to independent research and study when looking at Motivation within the modern workplace.
(Task 3 covers LO3 and Assessment Criteria AC3.1; AC3.2; AC3.3; D2)
Task 4:
The last section of this report, you are required to provide information on groups, teams and behaviours:
4.1 Explain the nature of groups. Identify different groups within Mercury Print &
Packaging Limited and how they behave?
4.2 Discuss the factors that may promote or hinder the development of an effective team and teamwork in organisations.
4.3 Finally, consider how technology will impact on how the new teams will function if Mercury Print & Packaging Limited expanded into Europe.
To achieve M3, you will show appropriate structure and approaches has been used in order to demonstrate factors that also promote good team work.
To achieve D3, you will have to show effective thinking has taken place within the context of technology and its impact on teams.
(Task 4 covers LO4 and Assessment Criteria AC4.1; AC4.2; AC4.3; M3; D3)

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