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Politics and Leadership Assignment and Case Study Help

 Politics and Leadership Assignment

Complete the following activity in 300-400 words and post it in the Week 8 thread of Assignment 1: While these ideas relate directly to the American presidential system, do these frameworks help you evaluate executive leadership in your own countries?

How does your executive system differ from the American system, and how do you compare the executive office/position in your countries to the American presidency?

Which office is stronger?

What leadership style is preferred in your country, and what type of leaders do the people prefer?

What makes a leader strong and/or effective, and does this differ from nation-to-nation or are there any universal elements of effective governmental leadership?

What forces shape executive leadership—historical forces beyond an individual’s influence or a leader’s personality? please write down the answer for this topic and read out attached files and write 300 word for this and i will pay extra for extra words


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