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Product Life Cycle Management Introduction Examples Q&A

Read below and I just need a 1-page proposal to get started. Because I don’t work for any tech companies at the time, it can be on any tech. As to what I chose it, this can be made up.

The project is a product management plan that addresses the life cycle management of a product of interest to you. The nominal requirements are”

1.  Choose a product that is a complex engineering product or a high-tech product, as opposed to a consumer product or “low tech” product. Submit this as your project proposal by the posted proposal due date. Instructions for this short proposal are provided with the submission link. It is not graded.

I will be working alone

The product can be any current tech

When you state why I chose it, make it up. He gave me permission as I do not work.


2.  You will generate a “mini product master plan”, a 10-page document that addresses the product management plan for this product across the lifecycle, addressing at least these phases of the product:

  • Match of Product to Market
  • Cross Functional Team
  • Sales and Marketing Plan
  • Costs and Profit and Loss
  • Customer Service, Maintenance and Warranties
  • Market Size and Growth
  • Maturation and Replacement
  • Ancillary services
  • End of Life and Disruption (or self-disruption)
  • Fit into overall corporate plan
  • Maintaining a spirit of innovation throughout the product lifecycle.

3.  You should use select course tools and techniques that fit your product and plan it analytically rather than by the “seat of the pants”.

4.  Show the results of your analysis in your report, but do not submit all the backup research.

5.  Use the Haines Product Master plan as a guide to suggest issues to cover, but do not try to comprehensively cover everything in the PMP. Choose what fits your product in a 10 page report.

6.  Report should be illustrated with diagram and tables rather than all text.

7.  Use the major topics covered in Haines about product management as a guideline as to what issues and thinking you incorporate into the project.

8.  Write this as though you will hand it to your boss, employer, adviser or investor at the end of the course. Therefore, it should not only be compelling, but presentable.

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