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Project Control and Evaluation Case Study Assignment Homework Answers

Project Control and Evaluation Case Study Assignment Solution to Questions


Assessment Detail:-

  • Word: 4000


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Project Control and Evaluation 

Task 1 (40 marks)

Scenario on Project control and evaluation using Earned Value Management (EVM)

Tony, a renowned artist has been commissioned to prepare portraits of 100 celebrities as part of an upcoming film festival. You are the project manager for the event and you are of the opinion that Tony should approach his job as a mini-project itself as you have only 200 days to complete the 100 portraits. Tony agrees and starts the work with his team.

Tony has negotiated an amount of $500 per portrait. Tony is committed to deliver the project in time and he assures you that he will progress effectively. After 50 days, you get back to Tony to find out that Tony has finished 21 portraits which has actually cost $11,400 taking into account all the external factors. You are a bit confused and hence you strongly advise Tony to evaluate the status of the Tony’s project at this point of time, 50 days into the project.

Using the Earned Value Management tool, evaluate the status of Tony’s project by answering the following questions: –

Define the concept of Earned Value Management. Define all the relevant calculations used to evaluate and control projects (10 marks)

1. Calculate the Total budget for the project, Planned Value, Actual Cost and Earned Value for Tony’s project. (10marks)

2. Calculate all Variances and Performance indices for Tony’s Project (10 marks)

3. Summarize all your findings and calculations to update Tony on the status of the project and provide a graphical representation for the status of Tony’s project with Cost against time. (10 marks)

 Task 2 (30 marks)

Case study scenario on Project communication planning

Communication on our projects is challenging! There are so many individuals we must communicate with from the very beginning through to implementation and evaluation – and they all want to be communicated with differently! Additionally, our communications vary depending on the role we have on the project, the stage of the project that we are in, and with whom we are communicating. Regardless of your role on the project – you must learn to communicate effectively to be successful. The use of technology enables for more effective communications in such situations along with an understanding of cultural differences and their impact on how we process communications received.

Remember – our goal in communicating is to communicate effectively and efficiently, but not constantly and without taking time away from getting the work of the project completed!

An extract taken from Abudi, G. (2013). Managing communications effectively and efficiently. Paper presented at PMI® Global Congress 2013—North America, New Orleans, LA. Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute. Available at :-

Learners are asked to develop a short Project Report to analyze and elaborate this key idea presented in the case study with the help of any relevant and real project example. In doing so, learners should make sure that due importance is given to the Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF’s), Organisational Process Assets (OPA’s) and the Management of Stakeholders.

NOTE: – Learners should follow proper report writing guidelines which consists of: –

  1. An executive Summary (5marks)
  2. Introduction to the chosen Project (5 marks)
  3. Relevance of communication planning in the chosen project (10 marks)
  4. Conclusion and Recommendations (5 marks)
  5. Harvard referencing and citations (5marks)

Task 3 (30 marks)

Case study scenario on Global PM practices and Project outcomes

The case study is based on IBM. The case study is available for download at: –

Learners are asked to review the case study and answer the following questions below: –

  1. Critically evaluate the Project Management strategies and practices put in place for achieving the objectives of IBM? (10 marks)
  2. As a Project Manager, how would you gauge the success of Project Management strategies in place at IBM? Your answer should cite relevant examples.  (10 marks)
  3. Using the lessons learned on Project management effectiveness at IBM, how would you implement and evaluate project outcomes in your organisation? To answer this question, learners can use the organisation they are working for or choose any other organisation.  (10 marks)


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