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Project Management Case Study on P&G

Project-Management-Assignment-Help-for-MBA-Students (1)

Project Management Case Study

Project:                     P&G in India

Assessment Brief:

  • Words: 3000
  • Topic: case study
  • Document Type: Other
  • Subject: Project Management
  • Number of Words: 3000
  • Citation/Referencing Style: APA

Description:  Procter & Gamble (P&G), established in 1837, is a multinational company and one of the largest consumer packaged goods companies   in   the   world,   providing   personal  care   products, cleaning agents food and beverage. It operates in 80 countries with  129,000  employees  worldwide.  In  2014,  the  company reached revenues of $82.6 billion

The  company  has  one  of  the  largest  and  strongest  portfolios  of  trusted  brands, including  Pampers, Tide,  Ariel,  Always,  Pantene,  Charmin, Downy,  Lams,  Crest  and Olay. P&G has two operating divisions called Global Business Units (GBU): Beauty Grooming and Household care. Each GBU is meant to define and drive its strategy through the understanding of the consumer needs.



The  P&G  market  is  organized  geographically:  North  America,  Western  Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, Middle East/Africa, Latin America and Asia.

You work in a Project Team, for the Global Business Services Department, in charge of helping GBUs to better answer consumer needs by providing: retailer knowledge for each market, innovative business plans for each country, technology and processes.

After months of political gridlock, at the end of 2014, the Indian government approved the entry of large international supermarket chains into the country’s retail sector. But there are some issues to be considered: retailing competitors (Carrefour, Tesco, Wal- Mart,…), and  the  local  retail  traders  (vigorously  opposed  to  compete with  foreign giants, pressing the government to establish entry barriers).

Project Management Case Study Scenario 

In this scenario the required skills are following: International Strategy; Project Management; Retailing; Emerging markets; International Negotiation and Sales + Marketing.  Since  this  is  a  strategic  market  for  the  company,  the  P&G  Board  has assigned your Project Team to organize all the work to be done to deliver: a project plan  including  scope,  milestones,  resources,  risks  and  stakeholders  involved,  to perform a report about a Hypermarket Channel Strategy in India. The initial P&G Board requirements are:


-   Ensure that the Indian regulatory framework allows the entry of  P&G  products in large international supermarket chains.

-     Ensure  that  there  is  enough  market  size  for  the  entry  of  P&G  products  and competitors.

-     Ensure  the  need  (or  not) for  adaptation  of  P&G  products  to  the  Indian  market and the buying behavior.

-     Ensure distribution channels and local logistics centers.

-     Ensure the need for specific marketing programs for the Indian market.

-    Identify  the  resources  required  to  launch  this  internationalization  strategy, costs, schedule, potential risks and stakeholders.


Project Management Case Study  Questions  for  the  Development

As  a  Project  Manager,  answer  the  next  questions  for  the  development  of  an Internationalization Strategy for P&G in India:

a)  What are the most important stakeholders of this project and the critical success factors?

b)  What are your estimation of time and your estimation of human resources
(and profile of your project team) to perform this project?

c)  How would you organize all the work to be done of this project?

d)  How were aspects of Translating business strategy to the project employed?

e)  Identify three (3) characteristics that qualify the above as a project.

f).  Identify some anticipated benefits of the P&G in India Project

g)  Based on the company’s Mission and Vision Statement, do you think these can be transformed into their business strategy?  Please Comment.

h).  Could aspects of Project Portfolio Management be utilized in this project?



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