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Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Decisions Assignment Answers

Looking for Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Decisions Assignment Question to Answers Solution? Get Management Case Study Assignment ServicesManagerial Accounting Assignment Help & Assignment Analysis Help from PhD/MBA Experts at cost-effective rates? Acquire HD Quality research work with 100% Plagiarism free content.


Assignment Details:

Topic :: Quantitative Analysis For Managerial Decisions

Document Type :: Assignment help (any type)

Subject :: Management

Deadline :*: As Per Required

Number of Words :: As Per Required

Citation/Referencing Style :: Harvard style

 Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Decisions

Attempt all the questions!

1).   Distinguish between quantitative and qualitative decision making process.

2).   Why are models required?

3).   Describe the basic types of models.

4).   Is OR an art or science? Justify with supportive reasons.

5).   When is quantitative analysis required in decision making?

6).   Elaborate the application of Operations Research techniques in service giving enterprises.

7).   Explain the management science approach to decision making.

8).   Identify application areas of Operations Research in business.

9).   What are the drawbacks of using quantitative analysis?

10).   Briefly explain the criteria of model classification.

11).   Give examples of allocation models.

12).   Explain the milestones in the development of OR/MS/DS/SS.


Attempt all the following word problems and show all the necessary steps you follow to answer the required questions.

13).   The Flair Furniture Company produces inexpensive tables and chairs. The production process for each is similar in that both require a certain number of hours of carpentry work and a certain number of labor hours in the painting and varnishing department. Each table takes 4 hours of carpentry and 2 hours in the painting and varnishing shop. Each chair requires 3 hours in carpentry and 1 hour in painting and varnishing. During the current production period, 240 hours of carpentry time are available and 100 hours in painting and varnishing time are available. Each table sold yields a profit of $70; each chair produced is sold for a $50 profit. Flair Furniture’s problem is to determine the best possible combination of tables and chairs to manufacture in order to reach the maximum profit.


A).  Develop a Linear Programing Model.

B).  Change the LPP into standard form.

C).  Solve the LPP by using;

  1. Graphical method
  2. Simplex algorithm method
  3. Identify the unused resources.
  4. Test for post optimality.
  5. Use an Excel solver to solve the LPP and compare your answer.

14).   The Holiday Meal Turkey Ranch is considering buying two different brands of turkey feed and blending them to provide a good, low-cost diet for its turkeys. Each feed contains, in varying proportions, some or all of the three nutritional ingredients essential for fattening turkeys. Each pound of brand 1 purchased, for example, contains 5 ounces of ingredient A, 4 ounces of ingredient B, and 0.5 ounce of ingredient C. Each pound of brand 2 contains 10 ounces of ingredient A, 3 ounces of ingredient B, but no ingredient C. The brand 1 feed costs the ranch 2 cents a pound, while the brand 2 feed costs 3 cents a pound. The minimum requirements of Ingredient A, B & C are 90, 48 &1.5 ounces. The owner of the ranch would like to use LP to determine the lowest-cost diet that meets the minimum monthly intake requirement for each nutritional ingredient.


  1. Formulate a LPP.
  2. Change the LPP in to its standard form.
  3. Solve the LPP by using;
  • Graphical method
  • Simplex algorithm method
  • Check for its post optimality (Sensitivity analysis)
  1. Use an Excel solver to solve the LPP and compare your answer.

15).   A Medical Supply Company produces catheters in packs at three productions facilities. The company ships the packs from the production facilities to four warehouses. The table shows the costs per pack to ship to the four warehouses.



Seattle New York Phoenix Miami Supply
Juarez 19 3 7 21 100
Seoul 15 21 18 6 300      
Telaviv 11 14 15 22 200
Demand 150 100 200 150 600



  1. Form a general linear programming form (standard form).
  2. Find the optimum solution by using; 1. NWM, 2. Least-cost method, 3. VAM and check its optimality by using;

a.  Stepping-stone method

b.  MODI for evaluation purpose.


16).   A marketing manager in XYZ Company wants to assign 4 salespersons to 4 regions. The table below summarizes the expected monthly sales revenue (in 1000’s of Br.) that can be generated by each sales person in each region.

Sales Person West South  East North
Alemu 50 40 35 42
Abdi 35 30 29 27
Chaltu 28 40 25 38
Ahmed 26 35 30 34



  1. Form the general linear programming/ the standard form.
  2. Find the assignment schedule that maximizes expected sales revenue.
  3. What is the expected total revenue?


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