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Reflective Journal Assignment on TTI101FC Travel Trends & Insights




Subject Code and Title


TTI101FC Travel Trends & Insights




Assessment 3 – Reflective Journal








2800 words +/-10%


Learning Outcomes

a) Describe the evolution of the global Tourism sector. d) Identify and describe current trends for emerging

travel and tourism products and markets.




10 business days post Facilitated Learning


Total Marks


100 marks


The aim of this assessment is to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of the evolution of the tourism industry and the growth it has experienced in addition to applying their knowledge of current and future trends and explaining the impact these may have on the future of the industry.

Students will develop their academic writing skills with an expectation that they will express their responses in a rational and logical manner while enhancing their research and investigation skills.


  1. Include 5 sections in your reflective journal assessment task.

Section 1: Introduction (100 words approximately)

The introduction should outline some of the key knowledge and skills that you have learned about tourism trends and the interrelationships of the tourism industry.

Sections 2, 3, 4 (2600 words approximately)

These sections are your responses to the 3 questions below (see questions for specific word count).

Your answers to the 3 questions should include an application of knowledge and skills learnt from class activities plus a minimum of 3 references per question, from reliable resources. APA 6th Edition referencing format should be used. The use of Wikipedia as a resource should be avoided. Each response should be presented with:Consistent and

  • appropriate formatting and use of subheadings
  • Appropriate use of terminology and clear academic language.

Section 5: Conclusion

The conclusion should summarise your overall insights into the tourism industry based on your answers to the questions.

  1. Review the marking rubric to ensure you have considered each criteria that will be assessed.
  2. The final grade will be out of 100.
  3. A Cover Page should also be included.


Reflective Journal Questions (Sections 2,3, & 4)

  1. Outline an emerging trend covered on Day 4 of facilitated learning (consumer, technology, economic, etc.) and discuss the current & potential future impacts of this trend on the tourism industry within Australia. (850 words)
  2. “Putting tourism on a sustainable path is a major challenge, requiring partnership and cooperation within the tourism industry, and between the industry, governments and tourists themselves.”  Klaus Toepfer Illustrate your understanding of the interrelationships of the tourism industry, by describing the different stages of the customer journey and how the different sectors within the industry are used within each aspect. (850 words)
  3. Choose one (1) of the following tourism industry sectors and discuss its evolution as well as forecasts for future trends: (900 words)
    • Airlines
    • Accommodation
    • Cruises
    • Coach Tours


Submission Instructions:

Submit the Journal with the completed responses via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in TTI101FC Travel Trends & Insights. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.


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