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Section 1- To be completed by the ‘Andit Assistant’ ofthe Audit Team

Section 1- To be completed by the ‘Andit Assistant’ ofthe Audit Team

Subsidiary 1- Carpets Interuatioual (USA) Limited (Case for Audit Assistant)

You are a Graduate Audit Assistant involved in the audit of Carpets International (USA) Limited, a subsidiary company of Las Vegas Group Corporation (USA) Limited. The client has presented you with the following_draft Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Financial Performance as follows:

Unaudited Audited
11 months 12 months
30/ll/X2 31/12/X1
$’000 $’000
Current Assets
Cash 58 73
Receivables 4579 3928
Inventories 3624 2047
Total Current Assets 8261 6048
Non-current Assets
Property, plant & equipment 28763 29417
Receivables 2000 2000
Total Non-current Assets 30763 31417
Total Assets 39024 37465
Current Liabilities
Bank borrowings-Secured 5000 7500
Trade Creditors 2500 2473
Provisions 643 610
Total Current Liabilities 8143 10583
Non-Current Liabilities
Bank borrowings- Secured 22000 20000
Provisions 547 510
Total Non-current Liabilities 22547 20510
Total Liabilities 30690 31093
Net Assets 8334 6372
Shareholders’ Equity
Share Capital 5000 5000
Accumulated Profits 3334 1372
Total Shareholders’ Equity 8334 6372
Statement of financial performance
Revenue 20007 19943
Gross profit 6702 4515
Operating expenses 3486 3047
Net Profit before tax 3216 1468
Taxation 1254 572
Net Profit after tax 1962 896
Accumulated profits at the beginning of the year 1372 476
Accumulated profits at the end of the period. 3334 1372


The following additional information is provided:

  1.  The company is a subsidiary of Las Vegas Group Corporation (USA) Limited which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange
  2. Your firm provides a clearance report to your firm’s Las Vegas Office as well as an audit report on the statutory accounts of the American subsidiary.
  1. The company manufactures carpets. Approximately 80% of the company’s sales arise as a result of exports. Where the company sells abroad the customers are invoiced in the currency of that country.
  2. The primary raw material used in the manufacture of the company’s product is wool which is purchased in  Australia.  You  have  been  informed  that  the  company’s  profitability  has improved due to the recent slump in wool prices.
  3. With the exception of the managing director, Mr. L, an American executive, all of the local management is American. Mr. L is on a 5 year secondment from the US parent. He has a reputation for delivering results from subsidiaries which have not performed well in the past. It is his intention to return to the US Company in a year’s time as a director.
  4. In the past you have found the financial controller, Mr. C, to be competent in day to day accounting issues but somewhat lacking in assessing the ‘broad picture’. Both management and statutory accounts are subject to Mr. L’s approval. He frequently insists on adjustments to the draft accounts.
  5. The US parent’s management was dissatisfied with the company’s 19Xl result and has paid

close attention to the company’s performance during 19X2.

  1. The company operates a standard costing system and the finished goods inventory is valued at standard cost. Raw  materials  are  valued  at actual  invoiced  cost.  Due  to  the Christmas shutdown no work in progress exists at year end.
  2. During 19X2 production has been increased by 10% compared to 19Xl levels. This has resulted in favourable absorption variances which have contributed to the improved profitability during 19X2.
  3. Tests on the company’s inventory and debtors controls in prior years have shown the system to be reliable. The systems are capable of producing reports on the ageing of inventory and debtors and the sales history of individual product lines.
  4. Approximately 80% of the company’s trade debtors are overseas customers and the debt is derlominated in foreign currency. Most of these customers are on 60 day credit terms.
  5. Midway through the financial year the previous credit controller resigned. His replacement, Mr. B, was appointed 6 weeks later.
  6. Mr. B has informed you that a number of customers have complained about product quality problems.
  7. An analysis ofthe company’s fixed assets is as follows:


Property- Factory building

Plant & Equipment (including Vehicles)

Additions and disposals of fixed assets during 19X2 have not been significant.






The factory was acquired 6 years ago. Since that date no independent valuation has been carried out. Mr. L has assured you that the current market value of the property is not less than $27m.

  1. Bank borrowings are secured by a fixed charge over the company’s buildings.

A loan repayment of $5m due on 30 November 19X2 was reduced to $500,000. Mr. L has stated that this was done with the agreement of the bank and that the bank is comfortable with the company’s performance, and points out that the company has made all of its interest payments on time.

  1. The non-current receivables is an Export Market Development grant.
  2. In prior years no serious differences between the auditors and management arose. The audit has always been completed on time and an unqualified opinion issued.
  3. You have just received a memo from Las Vegas office stating that due to the client’s head office management’s desire to issue the results of the group earlier this year they will require clearance on the American company’s accounts by 18 January 19X3. For 19Xl  clearance was given on 30

January 19X2.



As a Graduate Audit Assistant of your Audit team, you are required to complete the following:

  1. A) Specify the analytical review procedures you consider should be carried out as part of your audit planning.

  1. B) Identify what you consider to be the risk factors which will impact on the audit of receivables and


  1. C) What other risk factors will impact on the

  1. D) Set the levels of materiality for your audit plan for the Statement of Financial Position and the

Statement of Financial Performance. Justify the selection of these levels.

  1. E) In respect of the following draft a memo to the audit partner setting out the audit approach to be adopted:

  1. i) Receivables ii) Inventory

iii)             Land and Buildings -current value for disclosure.

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