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(for MGT8022)

TIP 1: Remember what we’re asking you to demonstrate in your assignments:

In both assignments we are asking you to search the literature to find information of relevance to your project’s documents. The aim is to build your skills in searching for information and to critically think about what you read, so in a real-life scenario you can find evidence-based information to address problems and find solutions.

No sector or size of project is necessarily wrong or inappropriate. You don’t need to use a multi-million-dollar ICT or infrastructure project.

In other words, you can use pretty much any project for your assignments. In “real-life” you could have to explore problems and find solutions to any situation. The key to success is to use your project’s documents to meet the assignment requirements.

Remember: the makers are not focused on the project’s documents themselves. They are focused on how you use the project’s documents to demonstrate your skills (such as searching the literature and critical analysis) and to meet the requirements of the particular assignment.

TIP 2: You will need an actual documented ‘business case’ and ‘project management plan’ but these do not need to be perfect exemplars of these documents:

The purpose of the assignments is for you to assess, based on the project management literature, the project’s documents. Therefore, it is quite likely that you will find problems or deficiencies in your project’s documents. This is absolutely acceptable and actually enables you to make interesting conclusions and recommendations.

Note: for assignment 2 you will need to include the actual ‘project management plan’.

TIP 3: It is not essential that you use the same project for assignment 1 as for assignment 2:

We do recommend that you use the same project for both assignments as it makes life easier for you. Generally, if you use the same project for both assignments you will be able to use some of the resources (literature) you found for assignment 1 for assignment 2 – it just makes sense. But if you want or need to use a different project – yes, you can.

TIP 4: You can use the same project for multiple project management courses:

Yes – you can use the same project for the assignments in multiple courses. Just remember, that the various courses will be asking you to focus on different aspects of the project or its documentation. As such, we would not expect a high level of duplication across the assignments. The project background/organisational context or introductory sections may be similar; however, we recommend re-writing these sections and contextualizing them to the particular assignment.

TIP 5: You can use a false name (or pseudonym) for your project or its key details:

Markers treat the information provided in the assignments confidentially. But if you are concerned about confidentially, feel free to change any details you wish to protect the identity of your project or the people involved.

TIP 6: Use the literature or information in the public domain if you don’t have a project of your own:

If you are still stuck for an assignment to use, you can use the ‘Library Search” (search: “Project Management” AND “case study”) to find project case studies. You can also use ‘business cases’ and ‘project management plans’ available on the internet about public projects for your assignments – just use Google. Remember, to properly cite/acknowledge the documents that you use.

If you are having trouble finding a ‘business case’ document (assignment 1) or ‘project management plan’ document, try using an advanced Google search ( We suggest trying the following filters:

–     File type: pdf

–     Domain: government domains (e.g.:;; .gov)

–     Keywords (assignment 1): “business case”

–     Keywords (assignment 2): “project management plan” or “project plan” or “project initiation document” or “PID” or “PMP” (tip: try these one at a time)

You may find documents without using these filters, but if you need some ideas, this is a good place to start.

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