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Short Case Study Question Answers Topics

1-Sustaining an Ethnic Soft Drink-Paper Boat: Brand Positioning and Consumer Behavior (Deadline after 12 hours)

  1. How do you think are the various factors listed in exhibits 1-6 associated with each other from the conceptual viewpoint?
  2. What is your inference and interpretation of the response in Exhibit 1?
  3. What are the conclusions that you may like to draw from exhibits 2,3,4,5, and 6? What are these exhibits important?
  4. What are the significant assumptions that you can bring from your analysis of questions 1 to 3 and the case information?

2-Nielson (Deadline after four days)

  1. What is the state of shampoo category?
  2. What is the consumer behavior for the shampoo category?
  3. Analyze consumer behavior for Pantene and Garnier
  4. Has Pantene priced appropriately?
  5. Is the promotion strategy of Pantene appropriate?
  6. What marketing strategy do you propose for Pantene to reclaim lost market share?

3-Unilever in Brazil (Deadline after four days)

  1. Should Unilever target the low-income segment of consumers in the Northeast? To answer this question, examine the short-term financial implications of the decision as well as its long-term strategic implications.
  2. Evaluate Unilever’s current brand portfolio. Is a new brand necessary to serve the low-income segment or could Unilever reposition one of its existing brands or merely launch a brand extension? If you judge that a new brand is necessary, write its positioning statement and choose its name among Unilever’s worldwide brand names.
  3. Design the marketing mix. Choose the price, promotion (objectives, message, and combination), product (formulation and packaging), and distribution that will allow Unilever to create and capture- value for low-income consumers in the Northeast of Brazil.

4-Harley Davidson: Chasing a new generation of customers (Deadline after four days)

  1. Identify key market research indicators and consumer insights (market share, marketing spend, brand awareness, brand attitude, etc.) included in the case.
  2. What are the drivers of HD customers’ brand loyalty?
  3. How would these discussion outline above guide brand management?
  4. What is the solution you would recommend to HD?

5-Samsung Mobile: Market Share and Profitability in Smartphone (Deadline after four days)

  1. Where is the Smartphone in its product lifecycle, and how should that position inform Samsung’s strategy going forward?
  2. Should Samsung Pursue Profitability, even at the expense of market share?
  3. Are Samsung Smartphone’s differentiated products? If so why? If not, what should Samsung do it?
  4. Should Samsung pursue a multi-segmented or a globally similar strategy? If the company should continue multiple segments, by what criteria should it segment?

6-Nature View (Deadline after four days)

  1. How has Nature view succeeded in the natural foods channel?
  2. What are the two primary types of growth strategies under consideration by Nature look?
  3. 3a. How do the three options compare financially regarding yearly revenue, gross margin, required investment, and profit potential?
  4. 3b. If the venture capitalists extended their deadline for meeting the $20 million revenue target by 12 to 18 months, would that change your recommended action plan?
  5. What are the strategic advantages and risks of each option? What channel management and conflict issues are involved?
  6. What action plan should the company pursue? What changes in the current marketing mix, sales, brand, and channel partner arrangements do you recommend to implement the action plan?

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