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Strategic Human Resource Management Case Study Help

Strategic Human Resource Management  Case Study Help


You need to clearly demonstrate how you will solve the following problem.

 Problem statement:

Vesna Bladzik is a highly intelligent person with an undergraduate degree in business from Boston and a Masters degree in Communication from USQ Australia. At a recent interview for a position in one of Google’s worldwide locations (Atlanta, USA), she uses her superior communication skills to convince the selection panel of her ability in applying for a Communications Managerial role. Approximately 2 weeks later, Vesna started work and spent the first 2–3 months analysing and assessing how to do her role. After 6 months, her managers started to worry somewhat when she showed a real ‘lack of experience’ in assessing employee skills from performance reviews. This followed other concerns that she was ‘slow’ in applying much needed training functions to staff that showed gaps in their skill base; also, she had recommended 10–15 redundancies from her total staff of 50. This was based on the assumption that staff was not performing to previous performance standards as set out in annual performance reviews. After some time, her manager, Nick Price, realised that despite her communication ability, there was a large disconnect between this and her overall management experience. However, he felt that Vesna should have more guidance on certain aspects on HR. In particular, he decided that he would ask you as a Google HR Director (High Performance) to assist Vesna in ‘bringing her up to speed’ on strategic HRM. After you complete some brief reviews of her role, you discover that she is doing too much evaluation on her own with little or no advice from HR. Therefore, you decide that she requires practical advice and some practical skills related to implementing 360 degree feedback assessments. She also requires skills related to understanding the strategic MGT8034 Assessment page 5 © University of Southern Queensland aspect of Redundancy as distinct from Downsizing. Rather just ‘talk about theory’ to her, you decide to do some basic designs/charts for her illustrating 360 degree feedback and redundancy. You realise that despite her qualifications, she needs to understanding the difference between old fashioned functional HR and strategic HR. While redundancy is often the first lever managers reach for in restructuring their departments/divisions/businesses, you realise that she needs to know how staff are ‘really’ assessed and that in the assessment process a strategy will be worked out to clearly improve employee skills as valuable resources.


  Required: Assuming less than perfect information where you may need to fill in the ‘facts’ by adding more assumptions that will help in solving case facts, you are required to:


  1. Advise Vesna about the practical aspects of theories in relation to 360 degree feedback and strategic redundancy versus downsizing;

  1. Explain how Vesna can implement these ideas given the facts in the case with a design or a chart that illustrates the concepts and how to apply them. What else should Vesna consider before embarking on redundancies?

  1. Include in your answer to Vesna a one page summary of the facts in relation to ideas about how she can move forward, what strategies will be important, and how she can address key skill problems and use performance management strategies in ways that will advantage her workers.


Note: Please use all theory based on the readings in Module 3 and 4. Please use both the set text and the readings. More marks will be gained by students showing adequate evidence of readings in their case answer. Please use the Style Guide Referencing advice below for quoting and listing references.

MGT8034 S3 2016 Guidelines to Case Study 2 (Due January 25, 2016)

The main guidelines for case study 2 are fairly explicit on pages 4 – 5 of the Assessment document. On page 5, it sets out what is required for case study 2. The style guide for referencing is included on page 7 of the assessment document. Please carefully follow this guideline when quoting books, chapters, journals etc. In addition to the main guidelines, please note the following:

  1. Please write up to 2000 words. You may write up to an additional 200 words if you think it helps the main argument you are making; Please quote from the references for module 3 listed on page 53 of your study book.

Since case study 2 is addressing performance management, downsizing and redundancy within the context of SHRM and skill development, please examine specifically reading 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4. You may also quote and use any other reading(s) you feel is relevant to case study 2.

For instance, a relevant reading which you can download by clicking through to the USQ library and e- journals (not available on the study desk) is Farrell, M.A., and Mavondo, F.T., (2005), “The Effect of Downsizing-Redesign Strategies on Business Performance; Evidence from Australia,” Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 43(1), 98-115. 2. The relevant chapters from your textbook Millmore et al for case study 2 are chapters 7, 8, 9 and 14. The relevant chapters from your second book by Davila, Epstein and Shelton are chapters 1 and 7.

  1. Please demonstrate evidence of your knowledge of at least these specific readings mentioned in point 2 and 3 above throughout your case study answer. Strong evidence in your case study that you have read and understood these readings will increase your chances for a higher mark;
  1. In summary, please use the references listed on page 53 of your introductory book plus the chapters 7, 8, 9 and 14 from Millmore et al. Please also use chapters 1 and 7 from the innovation textbook by Davila et al;
  1. You should use these references in ways that inform and assist the problem statement you are answering on page 11 of your Introductory Book. Case study assessment criteria can be found on page 13 of your introductory book. Good luck with your case study and I’m looking forward to reading it.


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