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Strategic Leadership in a Changing World 6BUS1059

Strategic Leadership in a Changing World 6BUS1059


Write an essay (using module concepts) that evaluates the strategic issues and options facing your organisation of choice on the 1st March 2015. Your work is to be up-date up until the end of 1st March 2015.You are not allowed to use “information” on your organisation of choice that occurs/is produced after the 1st March 2015 e.g. any changes/issues /events/information/environmental or internal changes concerning/affecting the organisation that occur after 1st March 2015 CANNOT be used.

YOU MUST NOW READ SECTION 5.1.3 (entitled “Guidance for completing BOTH courseworks”) of the module guide. That section gives the regulations (on issues such as word count, Harvard referencing, essay style etc) for this coursework.

Word count limit: 3000 words (there is no plus or minus 10 per cent “rule” on this coursework. Also note the appendix one below does not count towards the word count limit). The maximum amount of words allowed is 3,000. ALL WORDS COUNT, EXCEPT FOR THE FRONT PAGE (on which you must put your  srn’s and full names ,name of the module, word count, title of coursework, my name as module leader) ,APPENDIX ONE AND THE END OF ESSAY LIST OF REFERENCES (using Harvard system of referencing).

You have to have an appendix one.You are only allowed this one appendix. This one appendix must be a record of all student group meetings concerning this assignment. The record should show the date, location, names of students present and objectives of the meeting. There is no word count for this one appendix. Appendix one is compulsory and any courseworks handed in without the appendix one will be marked as a fail grade.

You are allowed to use secondary research (using publicly available sources e.g. the company’s annual report, investment analysts’ reports and any other material available free of charge in IH databases or on the internet).

You are NOT allowed to use primary research (i.e. questionnaires, interviews or any information obtained privately from company employees or on pay-per-view internet sites). You are NOT allowed to email the company asking for information.

The grading criteria for c/w 2 are in appendix C of the module guide. All module learning outcomes are assessed in this coursework.


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