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The Digital Economy (IT) Assignment Help

 The Digital Economy (IT)

write between 1,500 and 2,000 words covering most of the following  points (not necessarily in this order). The proportion of the total marks allocated  to each area is shown in brackets: •

An accurate, but very brief, description of Social Networking BEFORE  computers (10%).

• A short timeline showing how technologically facilitated Social Networking  has developed during the past twenty years.

You should demonstrate that,  like most innovations, the processes were largely unplanned and involved  range of contribution from many people and organisations.(10%) •

You should provide a clear explanation of why and how the emerging  digital technologies have facilitated Social Networking as we know it today (10%) •

A brief survey of the current state of Social Networking today – include  both it’s use within the general community and within business (20%).

• An analysis of the business models of Facebook (how did they make a  profit five years ago, how do they make a profit today and how might they  make a profit five years from now) (30%).

Finally I would like to hear your views on whether the ways in which the Social  Networking business have developed are unique, or perhaps is the nature of  the development predicted by the work of Kondrateve, Schumpeter, Newell  and so on. (20%).


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