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write a research paper on any domestic or international macroeconomic issue

  1. TOPIC

For your term assignment you are required to write a research paper on any domestic

or international macroeconomic issue. You are encouraged to find a topic that genuinely

interests you. If you have difficulty finding a topic, you may pick one from the suggested

topic list.


Your completed paper should have the following items and sections:


Author (you)

  1. Introduction/Significance of the Problem (around 0.5-1 page)

This section should explain the significance of the issue you are studying. Why

should anyone care?

  1. Analysis (6-8 pages)

In this section, you should analyse the issue you are interested in using the tools

(models) and concepts learned in ECO5POE. Did anyone else study this or similar

issue before? What are their main findings? How do your analysis/findings differ from

or coincide with the findings of others? Be sure to use data or some other evidence to

support your arguments. If you are studying some policy issue, what policy

recommendations would you make and why? Make sure that your recommendations

and findings are consistent with your evidence.

III. Conclusion (0.5-1 page)

Summarize your findings. You need to convince the reader that you addressed the

issue you wanted to study and that you have important findings/recommendations.

Make sure that your conclusions are consistent with your analysis.

  1. References

Cite your sources in alphabetical order. Use at least five primary sources. Do not

forget to cite the sources for your data. When citing references, please use Harvard

citation style commonly used in economics papers.


Your paper should be typed using font 12, double-spaced.Label, name and number all

your graphs and tables.D.

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