How to Answer Case Study in Marketing?

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Marketing management is one of the most commonly and popularly studied subjects of specializations in business management. MBA or master of business administration is one of the most famous studies business management post-graduation degree courses. Marketing management is a very special part of MBA.

How to Answer Case Study in Marketing by

Writing the case study reports a very important part of marketing management. The business management student having marketing as the main subject of specialization needs to write a lot of c as studied based on various marketing management case study topics.

In this case study, you will be given about a particular corporate issue related to marketing management, and you have to solve that corporate issue with the help of your own managerial, problem-solving and analytical skills. At the same time, you need to give a lot of modern examples which are true.

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How Can You Answer the Case Studies in Marketing?

In the marketing case study, you will be asked questions about how to solve the complicated corporate cases. Some of the very common topics in this scenario are as follows:

  • SWOT Analysis: In the answers on SWOT analysis you need to know in mind all the 4 variables organization strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats, You need to give the answers along with examples from the current industry.
  • Market Research: it is a very vast marketing management area where you need to do very thorough research and analysis of the target market you need to establish your business. Thus, you need to answer the question as per the conditions of the target market five in the case study topic.
  • PESTLE Analysis: This analysis also deals with 5 facts influencing the business operations of any organization. These 5 factors are political, economic, social, technical and legal. All these factors are equally important for any organization. You should answer every factor with proper analysis of the given facts in your case study question on marketing management.
  • Market Survey: This topic is itself directly related to the questions of your case study. In the market survey, you need to prepare a question set that is to be answered by your target customers. In this way, you can gain an idea of what our target customer need and want. Thus, you can update your offered products and services exactly as per their needs. Thus, you need to answer these questions from the point of view of how to make the customers happy and satisfied with the quality of your products and services.
  • Market Forecasts: This is one of the most interesting case study question topics in marketing management. Here you need to answer by taking the best market forecasting methods to predict future profits of your company. You can use various statistical models here for the accurate forecasting. Thus, you can also answer these questions with the help of various statistical or numerical analyses.
  • Market Segmentation: This is one of the vastest case study question topics in the field of marketing management. You might get a large number of questions on this topic. It is the popular method by which you need to segment or divide your target market as per the age, sex, religion, purchasing power, annual income, taste and choices of the target customers in the market. Thus, in order to answer these questions, you need to have a correct survey report on all these factors and need to answer accordingly.
  • Competitive Environment: This is one of the biggest external threats to any company in any basins market. There are a number of tough competitors or rival companies for any organization operating in any industrial sector both inland and overseas. Thus, you need to give the best answers to the case study questions based on market competition. Here you need to emphasize on the ways you can offer better product and service to your customers.
  • Core Competency: It is one of the most favorite case study question topic based on your college assessors for you. By the term “core competency” it is meant how your company excels in other companies in the same industrial sector in quality or standards. The core competency is a unique quality or feature possessed by your company and is sent to any other rival company in the same industry sector. Thus, you need o to have a very good idea regarding the case study company you to answer the questions. Say about the unique good features and qualities possessed by the company you are asked about.
  • Intangible Assets: By the term “intangible assets” it is meant the assessed posed by the company that cannot be touched. Examples of such intangible assets include market goodwill, patent, copyright, brand loyalty, TRIPS (Trade Related Intellectual Property rights). You need to go through the company history to answer the related questions correctly.
  • Market Pricing: It is a very important case study topic for you. There are various methods to fix the right pricing for the offered goods and services by your company. You need to answer these questions keeping in mind that you have to fix the most reasonable price for the goods or services you are offering. The price should also be within reach of your target customers.
  • Market Ethics: These case study questions are very closely related to the business ethics of your company. You always need to offer only healthy products and good services that should not harm the society in any way. The customers should be rightfully benefitted by using your product or availing your services. You always need to maintain the market ethics to make a very good corporate social responsibility (CSR).


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