How to Write a Case Study Analysis for MBA Business Students?

In today’s world, MBA is one of the most popularly studied professional post-graduation degree courses by aspiring graduates all over the world. There are various specializations in MBA degree courses. But the business schools load students with many business case study assignments to complete at home. These assignments carry a lot of significance since the grades you get here are very important for your academic as well as professional life in the future. Thus, you always need to know how to Write Case Study Assignments to get good grades.

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Writing a Business Case Study Analysis for MBA

In your MBA Business Case Study Assignment Paper, you will be given the case or issue of any particular company. Thus, you always need to have a perfect understanding of the company and the given issue before writing it.

First, you need to read the business case study topics very carefully and take down the important notes. You need to read the given case multiple times to have a proper understanding. While reading, you need to identify the key issues, numerous facts, and key players. You need to follow the steps below to write the case:

Step 1) Investigate the History and Growth of the Given Company:

The past of the company can largely affect the present as well future. Here you need to investigate the company’s founding, growth, structure and critical incidents. Then, you need to create a timeline of issues, achievements and events related to the company.

Step 2 ) Identify the Key Strengths and Weaknesses:

By using all the information you have gathered before, you need to continue examining and enlisting the value and functions of the company. Example: the given company might be strong in marketing but weak in production. Make a list of the issue or problems related to the company and think about solving them effectively. At the same time, you also need to highlight the areas where the company has excelled. Conducting the SWOT analysis can really help you here. It will help you in figuring out the core Strengths (S), weakness (W), opportunities (O) and threats (T) associated with the given organization.

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Step 3 ) Examining the External Environment:

It involves identifying the opportunities and threats in the company’s external environment. Here you need to analyze the external opportunities (O) and threats (T) of the SWOT analysis. A few examples of company opportunities can be the introduction of new technologies in the market. Examples of external threats are strong competitors in the same business market. The case study examples with solutions provided by us can largely help you in this regard.

Step 4) Analyzing your Findings:

Use all the information mentioned above to create an evaluation for this part of your MBA case study analysis paper. Here you need to compare all the strengths and weaknesses within the company to the external opportunities and threats. Determining whether the given company is in a strong and competitive position. Then, you need to decide if the company can continue with its current pace successfully. You can get a very clear idea about this step from the case analysis example we provided.

Step 5) Identifying the Corporate Level Strategies:

In order to identify the corporate-level strategy of the company, you need to evaluate the company’s goals, missions and actions towards the goals. Analyze the business line with acquisitions and subsidiaries. Here you also need to debate the company strategy’s pros and cons to determine whether any change might benefit it in the long or short term.

Step 6) Identify the Business-Level Strategy:

You always need to identify the Business-Level Strategy for a complete case study analysis. This includes the company’s competitive strategy, costs, general focus and marketing strategy. Our experts can help you understand how to write a situation analysis for a case study.

Step 7 ) Analyze the Implementation:

In this step, you need to analyze and identify the control system and structure the company uses to implement its business strategies. You also need to evaluate the organizational changes, hierarchy levels, employee rewards, conflicts, etc.

Step 8 ) Make the Recommendations:

This is the very final step of your MBA case study analysis paper. And includes all your recommendations regarding the company. Every recommendation made by your needs to be supported by your analysis context. You can get a crystal-clear idea of this from the free online case study examples for students that can be downloaded from our official website.

Step 9 ) Review: After finishing writing, you need to make a final review of the entire paper. Criticize our work to ensure that all the steps have been covered properly. Look for all types of poor sentence structure, grammatical errors, etc. and correct them.

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