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Business analytics is an amazing exploration method for the introduction of an organization's data to keep a suitable emphasis on statistical analysis. Companies generally use this to handle data-driven practices, including decision making and other technical terms of practice. The companies treat their data as an active touch to look for ways towards competitive advantage. For every successful business, the business analytics method is in use that helps to get over the reasons of data quality and skilled analysis to take into account and understand the accompanied technological methods of business approach that is used to gain an insight of business decisions. You will get a question like how to do my business case study assignment? You can see the solution below in this article:

Business Analytics Assignment Help

What Do You Mean By Business Analytics?

The business analytic goal always keeps the focused methodology and keeps the business data support into the analysis. This extraction process includes multiple data sources to perform statistical actions and get the typically performed practices into a smaller set of data. In other words, business analytics is considered the study of data through statistical and operations analysis.

This process requires quantitative methods for useful business modeling and known decision-making practices. Also, it can be said as the process of collecting, processing, and analyzing the business data to analyze the gained practices of business planning with a finite approach. However, this process is used to evaluate the entire company's data, which further accompanies improving a business's efficiency and revenue.

Although business analytic courses are responsible for conducting and solving business needs by practicing investigation processes, however, our business analytics assignment help services include all the different strategic methods to polish the concepts and get you updated with enhanced problem solving and detailed knowledge of the topic.

Case Study Help methods of helping the students are unique, helping you sharpen your critical thinking depending on different issues. However, our business analytics assignment writing services help you to understand and evaluate the basic and advanced concepts and tools with a broader context. Although writing a business analytics assignment, the process is to deal with the extensive work criteria and get over and updated with the critical issues that enhance problem-solving methods and ensure quality good results.

Four Types of Business Analytics to Know

The data-driven businesses are informed by performing the best decisions and getting the logical processes to arrive at the data analysis result. Here are the four major business analytics that is further discussed to solve the meaning and a complete record of descriptive strategy. Here is your business analytics assignment topics listed below:

  • Descriptive Analytics: Descriptive analytics primarily helps you discover your business's position at any period. This is one of the most common methods used to make the meaning of raw data that you would gather. This basic analytics allows you to clean raw data and then let you strategize the descriptive performance. Therefore, almost ninety per cent of the business perform only descriptive analytics and are engaged in these things' practical behaviour.
  • Diagnostic Analytics: Diagnostic analytics explains the perfect correlation between the two variables. It shows the base of comparison between related and unrelated variables. You must note that diagnostic analytics is built on the foundation led by descriptive analytics. It shows the casual relationship between events that discovers the advanced probability theory with a drill-down mining and filtering theory.
  • Predictive analytics: The predictive analytics method relies on AI and machine learning using historical data behavior. This data method helps you predict the company's goal with a historical side plan that checks over the predictive analysis's advantage. This also reduces the chance of being gathered from identifying the marketing campaign for potential customers. Every aspect when kept to the successive advantage, this analytic stage reduces the risk involved in making numerous business decisions that help you to benefit by reducing the risk flow involved in making business decisions. This wondering feature helps you to place the company's goal and predict the outcome of taking a particular step in mind.
  • Prescriptive Analytics: The prescriptive analytics method serves as a guide while making critical business decisions and finally achieving the company's goals. Also, this is mostly used by e-commerce that uses a combination of AI and machine learning to simulate the calculations more effectively. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out this analytics operation for the successive use of prescriptive analytics. However, our business analytics assignment helps services serve as a guide to complete your business decisions and achieve their goals.

Approach to Writing a Business Analytics Assignment

Our writing approach on the business analytics assignment topics is unique that focuses on some very important topics that appear to be prioritized. These assignments require a complete understanding of the basic statistical technique that focuses on the concepts involved in analytic techniques. Also, the perfect analysis technique is required that can conclude the qualitative research. Our writing practises also help businesses to improve efficiency and improve the descriptive features of the business. The business analytics assignment samples are evaluated and considered for reference to define the evaluation benefit and conclude the qualitative research.

Although our business analytics assignment help experts are completely thorough with the practices involved in descriptive analytics that covers the basic strategy involved in the typical uses of raw data, this shows the most typical meaning with the descriptive strategy carried out to the historical level of sales. We help you build descriptive performance and strategize the levels of sales to supply chain mapping. Also, descriptive analytics is used to describe your business's operations and finance inventory that serves the measures and summarizes the past events in your business.

Individual Business Analytics Assignment Sample Question and Answers

Part 1 (60%)

Write a two-page paper that identifies three retail business companies that have been using big data. Explain how big data helps these companies improve the efficacy of their operations. (Hint Refer to Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 for information an big data)

The following are guidelines to the specified format:

  • Should not be in Q & A format, but rather embody and use the question as a guide to farming the business analysis
  • Use paragraphs to providing information, present analyses to answer the question.
  • Double spaced; any headings should be bolded or cell references using standard MLA or APA writing styles.
  • The paper should be written in Microsoft Word and place the following heading on the top left corner of the ward document Last Name First Name BA Assignment Student ID.

Grading Rubric:

  • Correct format (line spacing, no question and answer)
  • At a minimum, adequately address the question.
  • Sufficient analysis to support how Big Data is improving the efficacy of operation tor companies selected

Part 2 (40%)

The XYZ Company or organization sells different Merchandise through different salespersons in several states. The sales manager is curious about knowing who sold what, where, and the way much. Using the sample data, construct a pivot table for every one of the items below:

  1. Sum of Amount Sold
  2. Total sales broke down into three regions
  3. Performance of each salesperson in each region
  4. Sales broken down by region, then by salesperson, and then by Merchandise
  5. E Two-dimensional table that shows sales performance by region and type of Merchandise

The following are guidelines to the specified format:

  • A pivot table should be created for each of the tams above.
  • Copy the Pivot Table from Excel into a word document and place the corresponding label at the top of each pivot so I can identify which pivot table was constructed.

Grading Rubric:

The pivot table exhibits the correct layout and information.

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Several reasons make students search for business analytics homework help. The basic reasons are covered under lack of research practice, lack of essential skills like analyzing, writing, editing, and formatting. Hence, these common practices can reduce the methods of proper formatting and writing a scholastic document perfectly. However, students are bound to seek business analytics assignment help Services from companies like us.

However, our business analytics assignment writing helps you focus on the foundational causes that help you discover the connective solutions with complete diagnostic events. Also, diagnostic analytics helps to discover the problems built due to the connections between two events and the inappropriate business findings. However, our business analytics assignment help strategies allow you to come out from the findings and the problems led by advanced techniques.

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The services of business analytics research essays are governed by high-quality information that is capable of helping the organization or company to make an effective decision. Also, our services include detailed knowledge with the proper outline using various statistical tools and methods. As per the business analytics assignment experts, we provide you with information that you can use to help the students to build an informative and relevant assignment. We use insightful content that is relevant to decision-making benefits.

Hence, information seeks help from the business analytics project example that is required to deal with appropriate variables and non-variables. Hence, this provided information keeps the real-world decisions with perfect intelligence and correct terminologies. However, these are a few of the reasons you can avail yourself of the business analytics assignment's help services


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