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Assignment Projects for Marketing Plan Instruction and Sample for MBA

Project Overview:

The field of marketing is undergoing crucial transformations changing the rules of the game. These changes are exacerbated by rapid developments in technology such as “big data” and new platforms like social and mobile media. Marketers must be able to use strategic agility, creativity, and informed tuition to lead this change. The consulting project is an opportunity for you to embrace a strategic approach to marketing problem-solving and respond professionally to a real-world marketing problem.


In this project, you will act as a marketing consultant and attempt to address a marketing challenge identified in a local company/organization in Qatar. Try to focus on some of the challenges created by the recent blockade on Qatar and identify creative solutions that demonstrate your creative abilities and critical thinking skills. Your aim should be to provide the organization of your choice with some recommendation/advise that would enhance its performance and turn the situation to its advantage or at least survive under the market conditions created by the blockade.

Report Outline: 

You should follow the outline shown below. In the tables of this report, please detail your analysis design, judgment, and findings as well as a section containing samples of tactical elements (e.g., a set of print and broadcast advertisements; sample pages from a website; sample sales promotions, sample YouTube videos, etc.). You will make a brief presentation to your peers and instructor at the end. In this presentation, you should communicate the main selling points of your suggested solution, the strength of your recommendations. The performance will be of 10 minutes duration. The rubrics for the project and presentation are uploaded on the BB.

1. Executive Summary – High-level summary of the entire document (target 1 page)

2. Situation Analysis – sets up the situation and the context for this project.

Describe where the brand is today, its challenges

  1. Project Brief
  2. Relevant Historic & Current Context (company history, key milestones / significant events, etc.)
  3. Industry/Market Analysis (financial performance, future projections, market dynamics, etc.)
  4. Category & Competitor Analysis (could use Porter’s 5 Forces, SWOT, etc.)

3. Objectives

What do we need to achieve and measure to be successful? These are the higher-level metrics for overall business performance.

  1. Quantitative Benchmarks – the marketing metric we are trying to change
  2. Measurement Methods – how will you measure this?
  3. Criteria for Success – what does success look like? What is your target?
  4. Time Frame – how quickly do you believe you can move the needle? Is there a short-term/long-term component?

4. Research Methodology & Key Insights

Describe in detail about your research (primary and secondary) and explain your key insights

5. Recommended Strategy

  1. Communicates where the client should focus their resources and time
  2. The clear and concise connection of how the plan will achieve its objectives

6. Tactical Execution

Brings the strategy to life with specific programs that reach the target audience(s)

  1. The clear and concise connection of tactics (what, when, where and how)
  2. Sample tactical elements – any “show & tell” mock-ups C. Estimated budget by tactical component (dollars, % of the total, etc.)

7. Program Evaluation

Describe the success metrics for the individual tactical programs. How will you measure and what changes would you make if things are not going as planned?

  1. Success criteria
  2. Methods of measurement
  3. Consequences and Contingencies

8. Appendices

  1. Bibliography – any referenced sources, materials
  2. Detailed Research Results
  3. Other Supporting Materials


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