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MIS Assignment (Report) and Answers for MBA : Based On an Investigation of A System in Any Organization

MIS Assignment report should be based on an investigation of a system in  (Any )  organization explained as follows:

Considering that MIS is a highly practical subject, and that modern business organizations invest dearly in information systems and technology to support their business and to cope with the challenges of the ever increasing competition to achieve their business goals and objectives, students are asked to apply what they learnt of MIS theory; by selecting a local business organization and investigate its selection, implementation, usage and utilization of information systems. Highlighting the different challenges that are experienced of technical, ethical, legal and security nature, leading to success or failure in achieving their set goals and objectives, in particular seeking evidence of improvement by comparing the business status before and after the introduction of the systems. Smartly and analytically students, should apply different aspects of managing information systems as they were covered in lectures, to demonstrate their good understanding of how they can be applied in practice considering organization, technology and people perspectives, and reflecting on issues such as; IS strategies, IS Investment drivers, IS dimensions and components, Enterprise IS types, features and functionalities, IS infrastructure and databases, IS security, IS ethical and legal issues. The attached template has prepared for producing a professional report, for students to use and be guided by the descriptions embedded under each section of the report.

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ABC Information Systems in Organization AXY


In around 100-150 words please summarize the purpose, approach and conclusion of the report, For example you may have the following:

This report is mainly concerned with investigating the effectiveness of ABC information system in supporting the business of XYZ organization. The investigation is focused on reviewing the systems that are being used and utilized by organization XYZ, and uses different research tools to collect relevant data and information such as questionnaires and interviews, that are analyzed to reach conclusions related to the return on investment (ROI), the benefits and the issues by comparing the XYZ’s status before and after the implementation and adoption of ABC, reflecting on business gains and improvement as well as problems and issues of different types. The investigation may give additional attention to end-users issues in addition to technical and functional issues.

XYZ Organization

This section provide an overview of the organization in terms of its history, nature, products and services, size, structure, functions, processes, cultures and politics (whatever is relevant). The section also highlights the reasons behind using ABC system (what where the business drivers and main objectives from selecting and implementing the ABC system)

ABC System

This section starts with a definition of the ABC system, its modules, applications and the database used as well as the main features such as searching and querying, reporting, functional integration, business processes automation using workflow and analysis among other things.

The section describes the each of the system’s life cycle including the selection phase, implementation phase and support phase.

Investigation approach

The section describes the approach which was used to conduct the investigation and to justify why this approach was chosen to be used. The section summarized what was gathered of information, highlighting the sources and references.

Analysis and discussion

The section applies suitable analysis of the gathered data and information that may be quantitative (totals, rations, percentages, means, modes, medians, standard deviations) or qualitative (classifications, comparisons and benchmarks). This may be presented in tabular or graphical forms.

The analysis could be multi-perspectives including; performance, usage and utilization, end-users issues, security issues, ethical issues and legal issues)


This section is where you talk about your overall impression and judgment on the effectiveness of using ABC to support the business of XYZ in terms of functional integration, business process automation, improved collaboration and communication, improved decision making, reduced paper work, reduced costs and time and improved quality and customer service among other issues that have covered in lecture including but not limited to IS strategy, IS Investment drivers, IS dimension and component, Enterprise systems, IS Infrastructure and databases, IS ethical, legal, social and security issues and IS Governance.

The section also comments on the issues and problems associated with the use of the system in the organization.


It is useful and appropriate to offer recommendations based on the findings of the investigation, in order to ensure proper and effectives usage and utilization of systems in business organizations.



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