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Why PESTEL ANALYSIS Assignment Report Is Important For Student?

There are many reputed business schools and universities around the world, offering graduation, diploma as well master (MBA) degree courses in Business management. There are also many specializations in business management like marketing, HR (Human Resources), systems, operations, finance, etc.

The businesses management students are given a lot of case study assignments to be completed at home. Students having marketing management as the subject of specializations especially need to do a lot of case studies to b completed at home.

PESTEL analysis is one of the primary case study assignment topics to be done by business management students with a marketing specialization.

What Is the Importance of PESTEL ANALYSIS?

The PESTEL analysis describes the 7 important factors needed for proper marketing management operations for any company or organization. It firms the marketing backbone before any new product is to be positioned in any new national or international market field.

It is properly analyzed before launching any new product or starting a new business. Thus, the business management students need to have a very clear idea regarding this analysis for their academic life as well as a professional managerial career in the future. It is necessary for all fields.

What Is PESTEL Analysis?

The 6 variable factors in the PESTEL analysis work of marketing management work are as follows:

  1. Political (P): It is one of the major factors influencing the marketing operations of any organization. The political laws of any state or country s always very much important for any company. It always needs to obey the laws and orders and the political environment in the territory where it is operating its business. Ex: Company X needs to manufacture a product Y as per the rules imposed by the ruling political party.
  2. Economical E: Economy is always the backbone of any business. This factor is directly related to the finance which is the heart of any company. The sales rate of any organization always depends on the economic condition of the place where it is operating. The sales rate is high during economic growth and vice versa. Ex: the sales rate of company A has been boosted due to economic growth.
  3. Social (S): It is a major factor needed in the PESTEL analysis. The sales of any offered goods or service always depend on the social conditions of the target customers. You always need to offer the product as per the choc, taste, need, and culture of the target consumers. In this regard, you can carry out a good market survey and segmentation to know the accrual needs of future customers.
  4. Technological (T): Technical advances are always very much essential for any business to flourish. Thus, the R and D (research and development) department of any company should always be kept very much advanced and updated as per the latest global standards. This, the technical factors are always to be analyzed and studied in with the PESTEL analysis. Ex: Company X is offering a hi-tech mobile phone with the most competitive prices.
  5. Environmental E: Study of the environmental factors is very much essential for any business organization. In this regard, a company always needs to follow the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) n its area of operation. It should never manufacture any product that might harm the surrounding environment.
  6. Legal (L): It is undoubtedly one of the most important factors affecting any business. The company always needs to abide by the legal codes strictly in the area where it is operating its business.

Thus, you need to research, study and analyze each of the factors mentioned above in the PESTEL analysis case study topic. In this case study assignment, you will be given to solve the PESTEL analysis case of any particular company. You need to explain each and every factor with proper industrial and practical examples from the current industry. All these examples need to be very much relevant to the given case study topic. It is more advisable for you are avail the best online business management case study assignment help service provider. They will definitely help you in getting the top grades in the PESTEL analysis case study assignment papers. A lot of professional touches will also be added to your case study paper.

What Is Needed For PESTEL Analysis?

  • Market segmentation: It is dividing the business market into smaller subdivisions based on various factors like purchase power, age, sex, etc. of the target customers.
  • Market survey: It is the question and answers session with the future customer to know their needs.
  • Research: A thorough market research and study is very much needed for a paper segmentation.
  • Analysis: After conducting a market survey and research, you need to carry out the best market analysis based on the collected data.
  • Product positioning: The analysis will surely help you in proper positioning of any new product in the market.

All these are based on the basic PESTEL analysis.

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