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What Is Plagiarism? How to Avoid?

Plagiarism is an act of copying another writer’s work and phrasing it as your own. That might include information from various resources like academic, books, web pages, songs, email messages, television shows, articles, interviews, blogs, press releases and many more.

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Plagiarism is the number one enemy in any content writing field. In case of the college assignments, if the checkers find the traces of any plagiarism, they then and there reject the assignments. Thus, you always need to be very clear to make your articles, essays and assignments 100% plagiarism-free.

What Are the Common Types of Plagiarism?

There are very types of plagiarism imposing severe violations in academic honesty. A few very common types of plagiarism are discussed below:

  • Direct plagiarism: It is the word-to-word transcription of any sections of someone else’s work without any quotes. This kind of deliberate plagiarism of anyone’s work is highly unethical, academic dishonesty and grounds any disciplinary actions like expulsion.
  • Self Plagiarism: it occurs when any student submits his previous assignment or mixes different parts of his last work without prior permission from the professors. This thing is unacceptable by the school or college authority. Self-plagiarism is also considered when a student submits a similar piece of work for the assignments of different classes without taking permission from the concerned professors.
  • Mosaic Plagiarism: It occurs when any student borrows phrases from any source without using any quotation marks. This thing is also known as “patch writing,” These types of paraphrasing even if unintentional are considered as unethical.
  • Accidental Plagiarism: This type of plagiarism happen when a writer neglect to cite his sources or even misquotes his sources, or he unintentionally paraphrases any source by using similar phrases, words, structuring the sentences without any attribution, etc. You always need to learn how to cite your sources and take down the notes very carefully and accurately while doing the research. This type of accidental plagiarism is also considered as a severe dishonesty in the literal world. Thus, you always needed to be very careful about it.
  • Word-switching: This type of plagiarism, means copying someone else’s work and changing the words or taking few sentences without pointing what you are using from anyone else’s work.
  • Hiding the sources: Not clear where you are drawing anyone else’s work is also regarded as plagiarism. This type of plagiarism includes – taking anyone else’s ideas and setting them in your own words without citing the proper references of the sources. Using any source numerous times but pointing it only once. If any student uses ideas from one source multiple times in any work piece, he needs to place a citation eat time he is using the reference.
  • Copying from other students:  You always need to do all the assignments by yourself and never copy from any other student. Copying from other student’s work is direct plagiarism.  Sharing the work with other students is also regarded as plagiarism. In any individual assignment, copying the assignment from other students is plagiarism. You always need to work on the assignments on your own until and unless you are asked by your professor to write group assignments.

How to Avoid Plagiarism?

You always need to make clear whenever you are taking the idea from someone else’s written work. Thus, giving proper citations and references is very much essential while writing your academic assignment papers. This will help you in avoiding plagiarism.

  1. Students always need to point out in the article body of the assignment every time they use on anything they do not make on their own. You need to give every detail of everything you used to your professor s that he can fund the sources. This thing is known as 'citing and referencing.' Many online libraries have made the online guides available to the students for referencing on each subject. Thus, “Citing and referencing” is a very integral part of your assignment writing. Always ensure that you cite and refer every source used by you in your assignment paper.
  2. Taking down the notes: While you are reading an assignment, always keep full records of the things used by you. Always include author name, page numbers, titles, book names, web addresses and many more. You need to read the library guidelines very carefully to cite every detail you have written down. Ensure to yourself that in the notes, each information piece taken down by you comes from which source. In this manner, when you start your writing work, you will be able to put the pointers that tell the lecturer where you got everything.
  3. Know the difference between quotation and paraphrasing: Quotation is taking the exact phrases or words from someone else are writing. Here you need to write the quotes within double inverted commas and state the sources and references from where you have taken them. Paraphrasing is reading another writer’s work, thing regarding it and then, rewrite it or summarize it in your own words. Here the ideal and facts are same as the original writing but in a different phrase. Paraphrasing is considered as a very good practice in the academic world.

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