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The case study assignments are one of the major tasks to be done by the MBA (Master of Business Administration) students. They need to write case studies on all the MBA specializations. In order to get the top grads in MBA case study papers, studiers need to give a lot of professional touch to the papers. It becomes quite difficult for them to carry out this heavy task all by themselves. Thus, they need expert professional case study writers to make their task easier.

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SWOT analysis: It is one of the basic backbones of the MBA degree course. It refers to the internal and external factors influencing the business of any company. Here, “S” stands for “strength”, “W” stands for “weakness”, “O” stands for “opportunities” and “T” stands for “threat”. The “strength” and “weakness” are the internal factors while “opportunities” and “threat” are the external factors of an organization. An organization need to have a clear note of all these 4 factors before setting up a new business at any place.

PESTLE Analysis: This is a basic marketing concept and is a major area of study by the MBA students having marketing management as specialization. This concept is also used as a tool by which the companies check their business environment they are presently operating or planning to set up a new product or service. Full form of the mnemonic “PESTLE” is P for Political, S for Social, E for Economic, L for Legal, T for Technological and E for Environmental. This really gives a bird’s eyes view of the whole new business environment of any organization from various angles. Thus, the PESTLE Analysis helps a lot in business planning.

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  • Political: The political factors determine the extent up to which any government can influence the economy of any industry. This might include the duty or taxes imposed by the government of any nation on the operating industries in its territory. Thus, the political factor influences business to a very large extent. The professional case study writers can give you a very clear idea on these political factors influencing business.
  • Economic: The economic factors determine the performance of a nation’s economy that directly influences any organization with resonating long-term effects. You can take an example; a rise in the inflation rate of an economy can affect the way companies set their product or service prices. Moreover, it can also affect the purchase power of the customers in any territory. These economic facts include interest rate, inflation rate, economic growth, FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), foreign exchange, etc. The online Expert Help for Case Study help can give you a good idea in this area.
  • Technological: These are the facts related to the technological innovations that can affect the operations of any industry and market in any way. It also refers to the research, development, automation and all types of technological awareness in a business market.
  • Social:The social factors scrutinize the social environment in the market and gauge the determinants like demographics, cultural trends, population analytics, etc. For example, the buying trends in the western countries like USA, UK, etc. where there are very high demands during the Holiday seasons.
  • Environmental: This factor includes all those that are influenced by the surrounding environment. This PESTLE aspect is very crucial for some industries particularly farming, tourism, agriculture, etc.
  • Legal: The legal factors have both internal a external sides. The laws of any country always bound to effect its business operations. For example, labour laws, safety standards, consumer laws, etc.

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