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What is Programming Language? and Types of Programming Languages

Are You Studying in the Programming Language?

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What is Programming Language?

The programming language is a formal language for a computer by which we can make a set of instruction to produce various types of output. Programming languages are used to create Android / iOS / Blackberry Software, Computer Software, games.

Mainly programming languages consist of instructions for computers because there are programmable machines that use a limited set of specific instructions, other than the general programming languages of modern computers.

In the modern era, thousands of different programming languages have been created by the IT researchers.

Types of Programming Languages

1.  C

The C language is a basic programming language, and it is a very popular language, particularly used in game programming, Because C language includes the additional packing of the C++, Every programmer uses this language because it makes programs faster. However, the value of this language gives the reusability of C++ to get the slight increase in performance with C language.

2.  C++

The C++ language is an object-oriented structure which is used in large projects. Programmers can work jointly with one program into different parts or even one individual work on each part of the program. The structure of object-oriented also permits code to be reused many times. This language is an efficient language. But, many programmers will disagree.

3.  JAVA

The Java language is multiplatform language that is helpful in networking. This language is used on the web development with Java applets. This language is used to design cross-platform programs. It has similar structure and syntax to C++. For C++ programmers, Java language is very easy to learn, and it offers some advantages provided by object-oriented programming. Java is an object-oriented language, but it is not a subset of C++ and C. It is the first cousin of C++ and second cousin of C.

4.  Python

Nowadays python is the most useful language in advance technology and the popularity of this language over 2018 about 5,000+ job postings. Python is the traditional programming language that is used for website development. It is a supporting language for software developers or tester. It’s not only used general purpose even it’s widely used in, data mining and scientific computing, machine learning, etc. The continues demand of the python driving the popularity of Python.

5.  C#

C# stands for C-Sharp, and it is an object-oriented programming language used to develop and design websites. C# language given by Microsoft Company.  Microsoft Company gives well intended Microsoft’s .NET platform to run C# codes. The current version of C# is 7.2 with several new features geared towards avoiding unnecessary copying that make development quicker and easier than Microsoft’s previous version.

6.  Perl

Perl is the UNIX scripting programming languages that syntax similar from the C language syntax, including Perl 5 and Perl 6 to make report processing method easier.  According to our research and analysis, Perl language stayed in 7th position as per the point of jobs demand. Perl language is famous for the system and network administrators, and we can also say it is a glue language.

7. JavaScript

JavaScript, the grandmother of all programming languages, it is handy and the most popular scripting language in the current days.  JavaScript is an only language that is used by 80% of developers and 95% in all of the websites. JavaScript used for dynamic logic and several front-end frameworks such as AngularJS. JavaScript is the device friendly scripting language.

8.  PHP

PHP is a server-side scripting language that ranked on 6th place as per our research results in the last nine year. Developers use PHP for web development, add functions that HTML can’t handle and interact with My SQL databases. PHP is the open source and easy to understand language.

Importance of Programming Languages

Programming language plays a most crucial role in current days. We can do everything that is unexpected via programming languages. The programming language can impose life on those insignificant devices that unbelievable. You can see the advance technology devices with the programming languages. In the world, nothing is possible without programming in the current generation. Just imagine there is no programming, nothing is possible in the world.

Use of Programming Language in Daily Life

Nowadays programming language is the most useful weapon to survive in the world, and human entirely depends on programming made thing because everything is built-in programming such as satellite, TV, aerial resourcing of mining, radio, vehicles, instruments, mobile, etc.

We are using programming languages in different fields like:

  • Education field
  • Business Field
  • Marketing field
  • Government and private offices
  • Hospitals
  • Banking
  • Practical machines for Student
  • Home base machines etc.

So we can say that without programming life is nothing.

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