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Research Paper Writing Guide - A Complete Writing Solutions

A research paper assignment is very important in the academic career of any student. If you write a good research paper, you can get good grades to improve your total CGPA. Moreover, the research papers containing original researches or reformulation of existing researches in any particular field can be accepted to publish the leading journals. This can also boost your career prospects further.

reaserch paper writing guide

What is a Research Paper?

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It is a generic term that is applied to the following:

  • Term paper: It is usually written by a student at graduation as well undergraduate level as a part of the needs of any academic coursework. In USA, Australia, USA, Malaysia, NZ, Canada and Singapore the colleges and universities an academic curse needs the submission o the term papers writing along with the mid-semester examinations. You can also earn credit points by fulfilling the course needs, which added to calculate your final CGPA.
  • Published articles: the published article is a typical research paper that is usually writes for the academic journals. These types of papers called the published ones if the papers accepted for the publication. The academic publication is a highly competitive world and the number of research papers that are submitted for publication overwhelms the ones selected for the final print. The academic publishing process is complex as well protracted. It needs submission of the paper reviewed by the academic peers, final print and the revisions. The whole process takes even months.
  • Dissertation or thesis: A dissertation or thesis is a type of long academic paper that is divided into many chapters and is submitted to obtain a PhD degree. Moreover, the M. Phil, MA, MS, and M. Tech degrees might also need a thesis paper writing and dissertation writing service.

A Complete Step by Step Guide:

Avail Reliable Research Paper Writing Help and Guide from Assignment Experts for students in Australia, UK, USA, Malaysia, UAE, NZ, Canada and Singapore. Get step-by-step writing answer solution with your Case Study assignment help and Dissertation research paper help.

  • Step 1: Get familiar with the assignment
  • Step 2: Pick a topic
  • Step 3: Research
  • Step 4: Organize research
  • Step 5: Form a thesis
  • Step 6: Create an outline
  • Step 7: Write
  • Step 8: Edit for content
  • Step 9: Edit for grammar
  • Step 10: Re-read and submit your paper.

Why Do You Need to Write a Case Study Research Paper?

The research paper usually written for the following purposes:

  • It can be assigned to any graduate or an undergraduate student as part of their degree course.
  • It can also be written specifically for any academic publication.
  • A research paper can also be written in the form of a thesis paper or a dissertation, for obtaining any terminal academic degree (ex: PhD)

The colleges and universities across USA, UK and Australia need a defined period of coursework for any academic degree. Both the undergraduate as well post-graduate degrees require submissions of the term papers for earring the credit points which is compulsory.

Academic publishing is very much crucial for those students who are seeking a career in academic line. The budding scholars publish their research papers in various journals to strengthen their CV (curriculum vitae).

The thesis and dissertations are very large research papers written for the college and university submission to get an academic degree. A dissertation or Thesis is based on the original research of any candidate or even reformulation of any exiting research findings in any particular disciplinary field.

How to do your Research Paper Topic Selection?

  1. The topic needs to be relevant: topic relevance usually determined by the fact whether the topic is chosen or given. In certain cases, students are given the freedom to choose their own research topic. The unusual and interesting topics might impress your teacher or professor, but you need to ensure that your research topic relates to whatever been taught in the class.
  2. The topic needs to speak to the other researchers: This holds true if you are writing an article for academic publication. In this case, the paper needs to be reviewed by 2 referees. Thus, it would help if you always chose a topic that the other researchers can find challenging and interesting.
  3. Select an under-researched subject area: In almost all streams, good research work is always very much appreciated. However, if you choose a research topic with pre-existing published works, your chances of coming up with the original research are less.

How Can You Formulate a Research Question?

A research question is the primary one that guides your research paper writing. This research paper meant to elaborate, modify or question or even criticize the given question. You can use the following tips to formulate the research question:

  • Keep in mind the central subject matter argument of the research.
  • The research question needs to be structured around the argument.
  • Modify the research question: while writing your research work, it is possible that you can be stirred in a different direction. But a good researcher will question his own research work and leave space for a further study in that research area.
  • Keep the research question for the end: As a student, you need not have all the answers. This is the purpose of researching the 1st place. After scanning through your research findings and noting them down, you will be able to isolate the central question that guides your research.

How to Structure your Research Paper?

  • A 5 paragraph essay: This is a classic format. A well-written essay needs to contain an introductory part where you can state your own research question and methodology. This is followed by the essay body and the final conclusion.

What is the Writing Style of your Research Paper?

An elegant writing style is always needed in your case study assignment. This is to impress your college and university professors and assessors. You can also be giving certain leverages for the science-based research papers. But the writing style is extremely important if you are a humanities stream student in subjects like English, creative writing or comparative Literature Assignment Review Writing. In this regard, you can follow the tips below:

  • Follow a simple writing style: You always need to follow a very simple writing style in your research paper that is free from Convoluted Sentences and jargons.
  • Your writing style should not be much casual since you are writing or academic audiences. It is always necessary for you to be politically correct and not to use any racist or sexist term.
  • Supplement your simple writing style with a forceful argument: You need to consider both sides of the argument to reach a possible solution. Always remember that the conclusion is your own intervention. Originality is always appreciated for your work. Your assessors are always keen to know about your own original writing skill.
  • Divide your research findings into various short sections or paragraphs. This will make your essay look nice and clear.
  • Be careful about the grammar and spelling: If you are using MS Word, then the software can check your grammar and spell8ng up to certain extent. In this case, you can also take the help of online grammar and spelling check websites and software. Finally, it is always advisable for you to have a very thorough check up of your entire document to make it a hundred per cent free of any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

How to Conduct Research on the Given Topic?

It would help if you always went through very thorough research on the topic given to you. Earlier students needed to run to the libraries to carry out the research from various books. But today is the digital age. Thus, the library has also become online and digital. You can browse through several well known online libraries over the internet.

How to do the citation?

It is one of the quite important things in academic research assignment writing and research case study writing. There are a number of citation styles. Sometimes, your college professors suggest specific citation style for you. If not, you can follow the Chicago or Harvard citation formats.

The science students can also use the APA (American Psychological Association) citation format). The art students can choose the MLA (Modern Languages Association) citation format.

Various writing styles are elaborated as follows:

  • Harvard style: In this referencing style, you need to follow the “author/date” system for the “in-text” citations followed by a reference list at the end of the paper.
  • Chicago style: In this referencing style, the author names along with the titles of the books as well the journal articles, need to come at the foot notes below each page. If you are citing any book, name of the journal article and put them in either single quotation marks or double quotes with the journal name in italics.
  • APA Style: The American Psychological Association (APA) follows the in-text citation and the reference list at the terminal part of the essay, assignment and case study. Science students exclusively follow this style.

How to Write the Bibliography?

The bibliography is another major part of the research paper, especially for academic publication. It is a list of all the books, journal articles, and monographs as well as online resources. The bibliography is written at the end of your paper. It is written in the following way:

  • Place names of all the authors you have consulted along with their works in serial and alphabetical order.
  • Surnames of the authors should come at the beginning, followed by the proper names, work title along with the publisher name, place and date of publication.
  • The bibliography can either be enumerative or descriptive. An enumerative bibliography is a list of all resource materials in a tubular format. While describing your bibliography, it is an essay that states not only the names but also the publication details and with a central idea of the given topic.

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