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1504-iSAP Integrating Science and Practice Scenario Focusing On Leadership in Nursing and Midwifery Practice

You have to write a response to an iSAP (Integrating Science and Practice) scenario focusing on leadership in nursing and midwifery practice. You will be required iSAP to reflect on leadership theories presented in lectures and workshops, as well as supplementing these theories with your research, before preparing your written response to the case (Part A – Student Response).

Assignment Brief:

  • Topic: Nursing Assignment
  • Document Type: Assignment Help (any type)
  • Subject: Medical & Nursing
  • Number of Words: 1500
  • Citation/Referencing Style: APA

Part A (Student Response):

Part A introduces you to a case scenario, which requires you to explore how you can begin to take on leadership roles as a student nurse or midwife.

  • Read the Case scenario.
  • Consider the resources provided to you. Write
  • Make a decision!
  • Write a report using the questions provided, to guide your response.
  • This report needs to be written in the third person (i.e. ‘Kevin and Daisy should…’ rather than ‘I would suggest that Kevin and Daisy…’).
  • Credible academic sources must support your suggestions and explanations.
  • Some resources have been suggested – you can use them or find your own.
  • Submit to Turnitin using the link contained in the iSAP casebook.
  • Submit to Student Response Dropbox using the link contained in the iSAP casebook.

Expert analysis:

This will be available for you to watch on Moodle after the due date for Part A (from 5 pm August 17th), and only once you have submitted your Part A.

Part A: Word limit 1500 words +/- 10%

[Introduction] suggested words = 200 +/- 10%

[Factors affecting decision making in a complex environment]:   suggested words = 400 +/- 10%

[Advice with the application of leadership theories/principles]   suggested words = 400 +/- 10%

[Strategies] suggested words = 350 +/- 10%

[Conclusion] suggested words = 150 +/- 10%

Citing and referencing format

  • The required reference style for this assignment is APA 6th.
  • Your reference list should be double-line spaced

Finding suitable sources

  • Some key references and sources are provided on the relevant page of the Moodle iSAP case book. You should begin with these and then look for similar references to supplement your understanding before beginning work on your student response.

Acceptable sources

The following source types are considered acceptable for this assignment:

  • Peer-reviewed journal articles YES
  • Textbooks YES
  • Government reports YES
  • Organisational policy documents and guidelines YES
  • Factsheets from relevant organisations YES
  • Relevant and credible web pages YES
  • Non-peer-reviewed periodicals (e.g., Nursing Standard, JEMS) YES
  • Lecture notes/slides/handouts NO

Age of sources

References for this topic should generally be less than 7 years old.

A few older references are acceptable when providing historical perspective, referring to seminal works, or when newer information does not exist.

Number of sources

There is no fixed number of sources needed for your student response. For an HD in this task, you should aim for your work to be informed by at least 7 credible and reliable academic sources.

Case Scenario

 It’s morning shift at City Hospital’s Ward 3 South. There was a busy shift the day before where many staff did not get their dinner breaks until late. Some of the staff are working again today and have commented to Henry, the Associate Nursing Unit Manager (ANUM), about how challenging the shift was.

Two first-year nursing students, Kevin and Daisy, are in the second week of their first clinical placement on Henry’s ward at City Hospital.  The students are sitting at the nurse’s station, not sure if they should be doing anything.

Henry sees Kevin and Daisy at the desk. Thinking that they are not doing anything, Henry questions them. The students inform Henry that Kate, their buddy nurse is helping another nurse with a patient and has told them to read some hospital policies until she gets back.

Henry knows that the ward is busy this morning and thinks that the students could be doing something more to help out. He says to Kevin and Daisy “You two have been on the ward for quite a few shifts now and have been doing a good job, but I would like it if you showed a little more initiative. Are the vital signs on your patients up to date?”

Kevin and Daisy realise that Henry is right; the 10 am vital signs have not been done. Henry tells the students that “the patients have been very stable and are supposed to be going home in the next few days so it won’t take you long to do their observations and go to tea on time.”

At the start of their placement, Henry had explained to Kevin and Daisy that taking their breaks at the allocated time is very important for the smooth running of the ward. He said that “Everyone works hard and going to breaks on time makes sure everyone gets a well-earned rest and a chance to eat some food, otherwise the shifts become too demanding, and staffs becomes unhappy.”

As the senior nurses on the shift, it is important to Henry that the shift runs smoothly.  Henry considers a well-run shift is a direct reflection of his management and leadership skills.

Taking Vital Signs

The students have recorded vital signs for three of their patients and are checking on the last patient – Mr. Gerry Smith, a 66-year-old male who was admitted two days ago with chest pain for investigation. Mr. Smith is sitting in a chair beside his bed, and the students obtain his vital signs and record those accurately on his observation chart (click here to view Mr. Smith’s obs chart). Mr. Smith mentions to the students that he is not feeling very well today. When the students turn to respond to their patient, they notice that he does not look very well, but see that the vital signs they have recorded are all within acceptable parameters.

Making a Decision

The students discuss Mr. Smith’s situation with each other but are not sure about what to do next.

Daisy says that “His vital signs are all normal so there is nothing that we need to do.” Kevin turns to Mr. Smith and says that “Your vital signs are all normal Gerry; do you think it’s just that you don’t feel well because you have been unwell and had to come into hospital? How about we go to tea and check on you when we get back in 20 minutes.  We don’t want to get into difficulty with Henry for being late for our break”.

Mr. Smith tells the students that “it’s probably nothing, don’t worry about it, I don’t want to get you into trouble.” Kevin and Daisy ask Gerry if he is sure about that and he says he is, so they go off to tea, happy that they are on good time

Professional Issues


Both Daisy and Kevin have recently completed NUR1113 and are aware of various theories of leadership and how they relate to a nurse’s role and responsibilities, but they’ve seen that it can be difficult applying theory to practice!

Action Plan

After considering the scenario, write a brief (1500 word) report analysing the students’ interaction with Mr. Smith, including:

  1. What are the main factors which affect Kevin and Daisy’s decision making after taking Mr. Smith’s vital signs? **
  2. What advice you would give to Daisy and Kevin in this situation;
  3. The justification for that advice, with reference to various leadership theories discussed in NUR1113 and their relationships to the factors noted in part 1).

Finally, based on your explanation,

  1. Identify three strategies Daisy and Kevin can use to help them improve their abilities to perform effectively as a leader during placement and their careers.

Your report should be informed by the resources on the next page, as well as other credible sources that you locate yourself from the academic literature.

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