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Animal Nutrition Assignment Case Scenario Answers

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Animal Nutrition Assignment


Subject: Animal Nutrition

  1. Gastrin stimulates post-prandial secretion of

a).  hydrochloric acid

b).  pepsinogen

c).  gastric secretion

d).  all of them


  1. When the pig reaches 2 months of age, this usually disappears in the stomach

a).   chymosin

b).   cathepsin

c).   chitin

d).   pepsin


  1. Activates trypsinogen to trypsin

a).   Endopeptidase

b).   Enterokinase

c).   Exopeptidase

d).   Carboxypeptidase


  1. Digestion and absorption of fat depends on their ability to form what?

a).   ester

b).   triglyceride

c).   micelles

d).   fatty acid


  1. Hydrolysis of fat is aided by emulsification with what?

a).   lipase

b).   bile

c).   hydrochloric acid

d).   pancreatic enzyme


  1. Microorganisms of the hindgut can breakdown 20 to 80% of what structural component of plant material

a).   lignin

b).   pectin

c).   cellulose

d).   Hemicellulose


  1. In the pig, these represent around 90% of the organic acid in the large intestine

a).   acetic acid

b).   butyric acid

c).   propionic acid

d).   short chain fatty acid


  1. Quantity and source of what in the diet influences starch digestibility in the small intestine

a).   protein

b).   carbohydrate

c).   enzyme

d).   fat


  1. A neutral pH in the duodenum is favorable for enzymatic

a).   oxidation

b).   fermentation

c).   hydrolysis

d).   dialysis


  1. Food proteins when bound to this become resistant to hydrolysis

a).   tannin

b).   pectin

c).   lignin

d).   chitin


  1. Key hormonal factor in the regulation of pancreatic exocrine secretion

a).   secretin

b).   gastrin

c).   cholecystokinin

d).   chymotrypsin


  1. What enzyme activity is low or absent at birth but increases up to adult stage?

a).   peptidase

b).   maltase

c).   lactase

d).   saccharase-isomaltase


  1. Total fiber is manifested in

a).   pectin

b).   lignin

c).   cellulose

d).   hemicellulose


  1. Based on assumption, all proteins contain how many per cent of nitrogen?

a).   12

b).   14

c).   16

d).   18


  1. Readily fermentable carbohydrate and secondary compounds are determined through what method?

a).   Van Soest detergent system

b).   colorimetric

c).   gravimetric

d).   spectroscopic


  1. A plant cell wall is composed of

a).   cellulose

b).   hemicellulose

c).   lignin




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