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BSBHRM405 Support the Recruitment, Selection and Induction of Staff Assessment Answers

BSBHRM405 Support the Recruitment, Selection and Induction of Staff Assessment Task 4

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Topic : Recruitment

Document Type : Assignment help (any type)

Subject :: Management

Number of Words : 500 to 1000

Citation/Referencing Style : Harvard


Student Assessment Workbook

  • Assessment Task 4 – Workplace Portfolio of Evidence

Student submits required workplace portfolio of evidence that they have been a convenor and panel member and completed induction of a staff member.

Assessment Task 4 ─ Workplace Portfolio of Evidence

What is a Workplace Portfolio of Evidence?

A Workplace Portfolio of Evidence (WPoE) is a collection of documents you must compile to show your competence against a set of competencies.

The WPoEis required to complete the successful completion of the recruitment and selection of staff in NSW Health.

Instructions to Students

You must participate in two (2) interviews. You are to be the convenor or co-convenor of one panel and a panel member of the second.

You are to submit evidence of your involvement in relation to each of these roles:

  • Convenor of a panel
  • Panel member

You must also provide evidence that you have completed an induction of an employee to your department.

This evidence must have been completed within the Local Health District.

The main sources of evidence to prove you have completed these roles include:

  1. Emails to panel members/convenor and from Recruitment unit
  2. ROB screen shots
  3. Documentation (forms from the convenor pack)
  4. Department orientation checklist (Attachment 1)
  5. Third party reports (convenor or panel member) (Attachment 2)

Please note that all evidence must be DEIDENTIFIED of ALL personal information.


Attachment1 – Orientation Checklist

South Western Sydney Local Health District


Instructions for Managers

This checklist is to assist managers to orientate new employees to their department and should be completed within the first two weeks (or 10 working days) of their commencement. The details within this checklist are the minimum requirements of the Area Health Service when orientating new employees. Managers will also develop their own orientation processes to meet the specific needs of the department, whilst incorporating the minimum requirements as included in this form.


Managers need to ensure that the new employee signs-off to indicate that they have been orientated to the following information and any other information provided as part of the local departmental orientation process.

  • A copy of this completed form should be retained by the new employee.
  • A copy of this completed should be retained in Departmental records.
  • The original must be forwarded to your local Human Resources Department.

Issues Requiring Clarification

To be completed by employee following Online Orientation and Facility Orientation

Orientation Checklist

Orientation Checklist Tick when completed Date completed
On Arrival to Department
Welcome to department/key staff introduced
Relevant keys/access codes issued
Tour of department/facility conducted
Use of telephone, paging and mail systems explained
Computer/email/intranet access organised and conditions of use detailed
Staff ID badge issued
Any outstanding documentation regarding employment completed and returned to Human Resources Department (include Job Description sign off if not already completed).
Uniform organised (if applicable)
Initial Meeting(s) with Manager
The department purpose, functions and organisation discussed
A copy of the department business plan provided and/or discuss department role/objectives
Discuss in detail the employee’s role and responsibilities
Position risks discussed (e.g. per job demands checklist) and control measures
Detail of Department routines explained
Roster, hours of work, breaks, pay details, allowances discussedLeave (Annual, Sick, Carers, FACS, ADO, Time in Lieu etc.) including approval process and forms explained.
Key policies and procedures discussed and sign off processes explained
Location of relevant manuals identified and time allowed to review – complete mandatory sign-offs (e.g. OHS Policy, Manual Handling, Safe Work Practice)
Buddy/mentor/preceptor (as applicable) identified and allocated
Performance management policy and procedures explained (book time and date for three month follow-up)
Within First Week
Check qualifications (especially mandatory training completed/not completed)

  1. Discuss training and development opportunities
  2. Complete Training accreditation and record via Centre for Education and Workforce Development (CEWD) (for external courses as required)
  3. Plan and book Mandatory Training Courses (i.e. those not completed as part of Corporate and Facility Orientation) e.g. high-risk aggression training, manager-related training, online code of conduct training on CEWD website etc. (list required courses and dates, attach list if needed).
Meetings Dates/Format (including attendance requirements/expectations etc.)
Check progress on review of policies and completion of mandatory ‘Sign-offs’ as discussed on day one. This should be completed by end of week two of employment (as practicable).
Workplace documentation – formats, standard forms etc. explained
Access to EAP/counselling services – confirm it is understood
Workplace issues/problems – how to handle
Patient Liaison/Patient Representative – local details and contact information
Privacy/Clinical Information/Medical Records outlined as applicable
EQuIP – local details (include quality improvement projects)
Fraud and Corruption – ensure staff aware of issues/reporting procedures
Other issues related to service delivery (e.g. Interpreter Services, Multiculturalism, Aboriginal Awareness/Liaison etc.) – list below/attach as applicable
Orientation Checklist Tick when completed Date completed
Work Health Safety
Occupational Screening requirements checked and completed
Local manual handling SWP (aka SOP or SWMS) and equipment use
Hazard/accident/incident/near miss reporting (IIMS system or other as relevant)
Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods

  1. Register and MSDS locations
  2. Safe Work Practices (SWP)
  3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  4. Spill Procedures
Waste management – explain the different waste streams and location of recycling, contaminated waste and sharps disposal etc.
Departmental infection control procedures
Slip trip and fall risk
Risks in other departments that will be visited
Local emergency procedures – location of extinguishers/fire blankets/hose reels, emergency exits, evacuation points, Critical Operations Safe Operating Procedures (i.e. COSOPS), Emergency Flipcharts etc.
Local emergency procedures

  1. Location of extinguishers/fire blankets/hose reels
  2. Emergency exits
  3. Evacuation points
  4. Critical Operations Safe Operating Procedures (i.e. COSOPS);
  5. Emergency Flipcharts etc.
Local aggression management procedures
Emergency Telephone Numbers
Disaster Planning Response
Medical Emergency Procedures

  • First Aid Kit (if applicable)
Any other local department OHS issues

not already covered e.g. Noise, electrical, dust, radiation, cytotoxic, burn risks, etc. (list below if applicable)

By the End of Week Two
Check that any outstanding actions from previous reviews have been completed
Check review of Policies and completion of mandatory ‘sign-offs’ as per initial meetings


Staff are required to demonstrate competence in Clinical/Professional Tasks and Safe Work Practices to safely carry out their duties. Use the table below to record any tasks that have this requirement (certain staffing groups may have a separate document to record these; if so note below and attach that document once completed).

Clinical/Professional Tasks and/or Safe Work Practices (SWP) Accreditation Date Employee Signature Manager Signature


Further resources are available on the Centre for Education and Workforce Development (CEWS) Website to support your learning and assessment.

Go to our Intranet Homepage, then to Training and Education and then to the CEWD Website.


To be completed by employee following Department Orientation and addressed by Manager/Supervisor prior to final sign off.


I agree the above information has been provided to me, acknowledge I have read , and understand the Area Health Services policies and procedures provided to me.

The Manager must retain a copy of this form within their department for auditing purposes,

Ensure the new employee has a copy


Send the original to your Human Resources Department



Name: _____________________________________Commencement Date: ________________

Position: _________________________________________________________________

Facility/Department: _______________________________________________________


Activity Reference Personand Resources Date Completed
My First Day
Meet and greet new staff member
Getting Started

  • Employees-pay roll number and pay cycle details (contact Health Share Recruitment and Employee Transactional Services ph.1300679367)
  • Computer/Software/Email/Staff link access including username and password, contact State wide Service Desk ph. 1300285533
  • Contractors–time sheets, approvals and agency systems access
  • Access passes, ID card, keys
  • Ensure staff member is booked in to next available date for Corporate Orientation (Face-to-face) by contacting the Education and Training Services (ETS) Department, telephone(02) 4734 2842 or via
Attend Corporate Orientation (Face-to-face)Date Corporate Orientation Booked: ______________
Tour of Site

  • Workarea
  • Building security (e.g. duress alarms)
  • Facilities (e.g. tea room, toilets, car parking, lockers, staff library)
  • Nearby amenities (e.g. bank, post office, food outlets, parking)
Car Parking

  • Staff car parking options
  • How to apply for staff car parking
  • How to apply for access to fleet cars (if required)

  • Email announcement to team of new staff member commencement
  • Immediate colleagues
  • Supervisors and subordinates
  • Buddy
  • Receptionist
  • Other key contacts (internal and external)
Welcome New Staff Member

  • e.g. Newsletter, morning tea, lunch with colleagues, etc.
Emergency/WHS information

  • Evacuation procedures and assembly points
  • Location of emergency equipment (e.g. fire extinguisher, first aid kit)
  • Identify/meet fire wardens, first aid officers, and WHS representatives
  • Reporting incidents/accidents (e.g. IIMS system)
  • Any site-specific hazards
  • Ergonomic self-assessment
Office Administration/Housekeeping

  • Use and cleaning of kitchen facilities
  • Copying, scanning, printing and fax facilities
  • Corporate branding (templates, email signatures)
  • Answering the telephone and setting up voicemail
  • Booking meeting rooms
  • Use of organisational vehicles, booking pool cars
  • IT support (State-wide Customer Service Desk ph. 1800 285 533)
Terms and Conditions

  • Start and finish times, time sheets, breaks, overtime, paydays, annual leave, learning and development leave, other leave types, time in lieu, ADOs etc.
  • Procedures for calling in sick, late, etc.
  • Payscales/increments
Dress Standards

  • Discuss Dress Code policy
  • Appropriate work at tire
  • Uniforms (e.g. allocation and how to order)
  • Safety clothing

This organisationhas made a commitment to become a White Ribbon Australia accredited workplace because we want to actively work towards putting an end to violence against women. Click here to learn more

We have reviewed the above checklist and all aspects have been discussed and completed to our mutual satisfaction.Manager Name: __________________________Signature: ________________________

Date:    ________

Employee’sName:             __________________________Signature: ________________________Date:               _____

Activity Reference Person

and ResourcesDate CompletedMy First 2 WeeksJob Role

  • Position description-key responsibilities and initial priorities (ensure employee signs the PD)
  • Expectations and standards
  • Work place reporting relationships- dept./team organisation chart
  • Explain how the position fits in to department and organisation planning process

Managing for Performance

  • Overview of the Performance Development Frame work and Procedure
  • Book date and time for New Employee: Three-Month Agreement

Date: ________________________

Training and Development

  • Corporate online orientation completed
  • Opportunities explained and required training identified
  • Other mandatory training completed


Key Organisational Policies

Demonstrate how to find the following policies via the staff intranet, (i.e. clicking on link to Policies, Procedure and Forms portal and conducting a search using the Search function) and discuss the importance of each one:

  • Work Health and Safety
  • Equity, bullying and harassment, diversity, etc.
  • Code of Conduct
  • Management of Health Care Records (confidentiality)
  • Grievance Procedure
  • Communications Policy (use of internet, email etc.)
  • Social Media Usage Policy
  • Disclosure of offences under Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act,1998

Work Plan for First Three Months

  • Assign first tasks
  • Identify current priorities of the job

Salary Packaging

  • Options and benefits available with salary packaging.
  • For more information contact (02) 4734 1515 or

Fitness Passport

  • Types of memberships available and benefits
  • For more information contact (02) 4734 3777 or

WHS Training

Identify appropriate training:

  • Office environment
  • Manual handling and lifting
  • Food handling and safety
  • Infection Control

About Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District

  • Mission, vision, goals, values
  • History and background
  • Our culture
  • Organisation structure
  • NSW Health context

Overview of New Staff Member’s Specific Business Unit  Overview of Other Business Units

  • Technology and Systems Support
  • Finance
  • Corporate Support
  • Work force

Staff Support

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) ph.1800 81 87 28
  • Aboriginal Network Meeting ph. (02) 47341518
  • JMO Support Line ph. 1300 566 321

How to keep in formed

  • Departmental meetings
  • Professional/Group meetings e.g. NUM Meetings
  • Staff Intranet
  • Broadcasts
  • Policies and Procedures for Comment via staff intranet
  • NBMLHD In the Know (INK) News letters
  • Chief Executive Quarterly Staff Updates

We have reviewed the above checklist and all aspects have been discussed and completed to our mutual satisfaction.

ManagerName:                                                                              Signature:Date:

EmployeeName:                                                                            Signature:Date:                                                  

Activity Reference Person and Resources Date Completed
My First 3 Months
New Employee Three Month Review

  • Conduct the New Employee 3 Month Review (component of Managing for Performance Policy and Procedure) with staff member
  • Advise of Annual Performance Development Review
  • Check status of mandatory training, both face to face and online,
  • All training complete
  • Outstanding training to be completed by: ___________

  • Ensure that staff member has completed and returned survey:

Workforce People and Culture Organisational Development PO Box 63 Penrith NSW 2751 Fax: (02) 4734 2697 Email:

We have reviewed the above checklist and all aspects have been discussed and completed to our mutual satisfaction.ManagerName:                                                                              Signature:Date:

EmployeeName:                                                                            Signature:Date:                                                   

Attachment 2 – Third Party Report

Instructions for Work-Based Evidence Third Party Report

As part of the assessment for these units of competence, it is important to seek evidence to support a judgement about the competence of each candidate.

Your contribution to this part of the assessment of candidates is important in ascertaining their consistent and continual compliance with policy and procedure, legislative requirements and correct practice of duties related to this competence.

You are asked to complete the Work-Based Evidence Third Party Report attached after observing the candidate demonstrating the required skills as either a Convenor or Panel Member.

It is important that you answer the questions honestly.  If you feel a candidate does not meet the requirements, you should mark the report “No”.

Candidates assessed as “Not Yet Competent” will receive additional training to enable them to meet the expected and required standards and will have another opportunity to be assessed.

Thank you for your assistance with this important part of the assessment process.

Convenor Member (1) Work-based Evidence Third Party Report

Details of position convened

Position Number:
Position Name:
Date of Interview:
  Yes No Detailed Comments
Did the convenor
Develop/review selection criteria
Invite panel members to form the selection committee
Coordinate the applicants
Prepare and organise the details (including: documents, applicants, room, panel) for the interview day
Conduct the interviews
Use a range of interview techniques
Make recommendations as per organisational policy and procedures to appoint a suitable candidate
Did the convenor demonstrate the following communication skills
Actively listened to what was said in interviews
Advised on the outcomes of the selection process
Supported and encouraged panel members’ contributions during the interview and recruitment process
Ability to provide support to any requests made by the line manager
Communicated with applicants throughout the recruitment process
Did the convenor demonstrate the following literacy skills
Reviewed and updated job descriptions and ensured it met legislative and organisational requirements
Requested approval for position and to advertise the vacancy
Created suitable interview questions +/- suitable skills test
Liaised with recruitment unit to make job offer(s)
Organised and scheduled arrangements for the job interview(s) and venue
Completed all documentation required for the recruitment process as per organisational policy and procedures

Name of Third Party Reporter:

Third Party Report Role in Recruitment Process:

Signature of Third Party Reporter:                                                  Date:


Panel Member (1) Work-Based Evidence Third Party Report

Name of Panel Member:

Details of Position Panelled

Position Number:
Position Name:
Date of Interview:
  Yes No Detailed Comments
Did your panel member demonstrate the following technical skills
Participated in the culling of applicants and recorded as per organisational policy and procedures
Prepared for the interview by liaising with convenor and selection panel members
Participated in the interview
Made recommendations as per organisational policy and procedures to appoint suitable candidate
Did your panel member demonstrate the following communication skills
Actively listened to what was said by applicants in the interviews
Advised the panel of their recommendation and reasons for recommendation
Recorded applicant’s responses during the interview
Supported the convenor, where requested, in the recruitment process
Did your panel member demonstrate the following literacy skills
Provided feedback to the convenor regarding the interview questions +/- skills test, if requested to
Complete all panel member documentation as per organisational policy
Used a variety of communication methods to liaise with the panel (includes email, telephone, face-to-face conversations)

Name of Third Party Reporter:

Third Party Report Role in Recruitment Process:

Signature of Third Party Reporter: 

Reference ID NoAH019002005


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