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BSBHRM513 Manage Workforce Planning Assignment Answers

Want Assignment Solutions on BSBHRM513 Manage Workforce Planning

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A workforce plan is essential for an organization as it is a continual process that enables the organizations in aligning its needs and priorities in conjunction with its workforce or employees to meet its legislative, regulatory, service and production requirements and organizational objectives (National Institute of Health-Office of Management, n.d.). Similarly, a workforce plan is developed ABC fitness center to counter the current challenges that it is experiencing, and thus improve its productivity. ABC fitness center is a fitness franchise that intends to offer fitness services at reliable prices and to achieve a unique identity in the fitness industry.

Workforce Plan Scope

The Workforce plan developed for ABC fitness center will help the company to address its current major issues related to the employees of the organization. The scope of this plan can be given as a strategic framework developed by an organization to effectively manage its employees or workforce. The employees of a company are ultimately responsible for the performance and growth of an organization. Thus, having a workforce which is highly skilled, competent, professional in its behavior is very essential for the company. An effective workforce plan helps to achieve this.


Stakeholders are essential elements of an organization that support the organizations to achieve its organizational goals and have an interest in the activity of that organization. The workforce planning process consists of many stakeholders and productive cohesion among all these stakeholders is essential for successful and effective workforce planning (Jeste & Childers, 2017). As this plan is a workforce plan, the most important stakeholders involved in the workforce plan for ABC fitness center is the employees or the staff of the center and the human resource managers. However, workforce plan is not an independent function of the human resource team. The most effective workforce plans are those that are created in collaboration with the leadership team. Thus, the stakeholders of this fitness center workforce plan include the senior management of the company, the manager and other supervises of the center, and all the staff of the center like the trainers, the nutritionists, the maintenance staff and other support staff.

Workplace Objectives and Strategies

The workplace objectives and strategies must be specific and well-defined. This is essential as this helps the workforce to be aware of what the company intends to achieve. One important aspect of the workplace objectives and strategies with the intent of workforce planning is that the plan should be developed such that it can align the organizational goals and objectives with that of individual employee goals (Jeste & Childers, 2017). Only when the employees have this understanding and the goals are in conjunction with the organizational goals, the employees are fully committed towards it and perform with higher efficiency. The workplace objectives should be realistic and achievable in nature. Some of the objectives and strategies for the ABC fitness centre can be outlined as:

  • Acquiring the 300+ membership or clients by next financial year
  • Increasing revenue by 50% year on year
  • Open up more fitness centers across the region and increase the market share of the company and its reach

Some of the objectives concerning workforce plan are and for employees can be stated as:

  • Decreasing the employee turnover
  • Developing effective employee engagement plans
  • Mitigating the workplace discrimination in terms of rewards and wages
  • Developing effective performance appraisal systems for the employees.

Workforce Profile

The workforce profile explains the important demographic information of the employees such as age, gender and diversity. It also consists of some employment information such as operating hours of an employee, leave patterns, compensation, and other related data. The workforce profile is an important part of workforce planning. Based on this data the most effective and appropriate workforce plans can be established. Most of the employees at ABC fitness center belong to the Toowong region of Australia which is a small town with an estimated population of 12,000 people. According to the demographic statistics of this region, the working population is in the age group of 15-64 years, and the number of females in this region is higher than males (Australian Bureau of Statistics, n.d.). Most of the working class has come with experiences from the three industries of technical, scientific and professional services. Maximum proportion of people of Toowong has completed 12 years of education or equivalent, and the unemployment rate here is about 4% (Australian Bureau of Statistics, n.d.). The average total yearly income of a household here is about 48,000 AUD (Australian Bureau of Statistics, n.d.). Most of the people of living in Toowong have their origin in Australia. Most commonly spoken language here is English (Australian Bureau of Statistics, n.d.).

Gap Analysis and Strategies

The gap analysis phase of workforce planning involves assessing the gaps that exist between workforce demand and supply. This gap analysis helps to understand the major prevailing gaps with their greatest impact on organizational performance, and thee once which need prior focus (Civil Services, n.d.). This gap analysis helps to find out the major competency and skill gaps existing among the workforce of the organization, the working environment gap that affects the employee behavior and other such employee concerns (Civil Services, n.d.). For ABC fitness center the major gap existing is with employee engagement and employee satisfaction. The employees of this company are dissatisfied with the discrimination prevailing in regards to rewards and wages, thus the employee turnover rate is high here. Also, there exists a gap between the skills, competencies and the behavior of employees and employee training. The clients of this center often report the unprofessional employees. Thus, this workforce plans should also include the formulation of necessary strategies to address these gaps like providing more employee benefits and appraisals, providing adequate training and developing the skills and competencies of the employees.

Priorities for the future

ABC fitness center should focus on the some of the concerning issues on priority to increase its efficiency and thus the productivity. Focusing on these priorities and of the future one will help the organization to sustain well. One priority that ABC fitness center should focus on is developing good employee management plans. These employee management plans should be able to address the issues of employees, have performance appraisal programs and systems for employee benefits and welfare. These will help to reduce the employee attrition rate considerable and also will maximize the performance of the employee, which in turn will result in increased productivity of the company, as employees are ultimately responsible for organizational growth. The company should also focus on improving the business strategies like recruiting staff with skills that bring into line with those of the center, creating diverse and cross-culture management in the center, encourage positive working environment, and increasing promotional activities.

Review and Evaluation

It is important to monitor, review and evaluate the workforce plans and strategies to ensure effective implementation of the workforce plans. Information gathered through review and evaluation systems assists the companies to make effective decisions about the success of workforce planning activities. Reviewing and evaluation enables the companies to (Kwinana city Workforce plan, 2016):

  • Tracking the progress when taking initiatives
  • Evaluating whether initiatives can achieve the desired results
  • Helps to assess organizational health;
  • Most importantly, it helps to identify the potential risks
  • This also helps the organizations to adapt to the changing needs of the market


Legislation play a significant role in preventing employee discrimination and addresses and provides other preventive and corrective measures for employee concerns at the workplace. These legislation provides legal guidance for employment laws. Some of legislation that are an important part of the workforce planning, laws like Fair Work Act 2009, Equal Opportunity’s Acts, Australian Consumer Law, etc. Fair Work Act 2009 takes into consideration the employment discrimination cases like bullying and so on. Similarly, the Equal Opportunity’s Acts aims to promote equal opportunity for all employees in the workplace.


An effective workforce plan will provide with several benefits to ABC fitness center. This workforce plan will help the company to identify the requirement for future employee recruitment and necessary skills and competencies required for the growth of the company. This plan will help to address the supply and demand issues. The company will be able to counter the current challenges of the company and will reduce staff turnover. Overall this workforce planning will help to improve the productivity and efficiency of ABC fitness center.


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