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BUS105 Marketing Essentials Assignment Answers

BUS105 Marketing Essentials – Promotional Campaign


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Assignment Details:-

  • Course Code: BUS105
  • Course Title: Marketing Essentials
  • Referencing Styles: Not Selected
  • Words: 3750
  • University: University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Country: AU




For this assessment, individuals will make an interesting, engaging, and creative presentation on an innovative marketing topic. This could be a new product, service, or a new promotional campaign etc. Presentations will discuss why/how the highlight is innovative and unique and what theories and concepts from the course underpin the topic.


Summary of the marketing highlight and articulation of why it is considered innovative.


Description of the topic

  1. What is your presentation about? What is your topic? Where did it come from? Why was it created?
  2. If it is a product or service, who created it? How can it be obtained? If it is a piece of marketing communication, which agency created it? Where was it shown?
  3. Why is the topic innovative
  4. What about the topic is innovative and unique when compared to other similar initiatives from competitors? How exactly is it different?
  5. Justify your answer and provide evidence. For example, references to credible sources and comparison using images or videos of other similar initiatives.
  6. Demonstrated knowledge and application of appropriate marketing theory and concepts reflected in your chosen highlight.



  1. Which segmentation variable is the most relevant and being used by your topic (refer to p. 171 of the textbook)?
  2. Explain and apply using evidence to justify your answer.


Environmental analysis

  1. Which macro environmental force (refer to p.72-90 of the textbook) is your topic responding to?
  2. Explain why and provide relevant, credible information to justify your answer.


One additional concept of your own choice (5 marks)

  1. What other concept underpins and is visible in your topic?
  2. How and why is it being used to ensure the effectiveness of your topic?
  3. Provide evidence and analysis to justify your application and ensure you show theoretical depth.


Demonstrated effective presentation skills. Presentation skills (8 marks)

  1. Does the presentation follow a logical structure? Is the way the information and arguments are presented well ordered? Is sufficient time spent on each topic, point and concept?
  2. Is the presentation an appropriate time length (8-12 minutes)?
  3. Are the information and arguments explained well? Do they make sense? Are they relevant?
  4. Does the presentation flow? Are there topic and linking sentences? Does the presentation include a scene-setting introduction and a conclusion that brings the presentation to an organic close?
  5. Is the presentation polished? Is the voice-over clear, emotive, and not too fast? Does the background music (if any is used) overpower the voice-over? Is there a lot of text on each slide or frame? Has dead air been avoided? Does each clip play when it should?


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