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BUS301 Finance Case Study Assignment Task

BUS301 Finance Case Study Analysis Solutions


Assignment Detail:-

  • Number of Words: 4000


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Set Up – Your Invitation to Advance



Step into the Role

  • Note that this is a business CASE (not just a student paper)
  • Put yourself into the role of “New Hire” and try to impress your boss
  • While you may use your textbook, it is expected that you do your own work and you will have to do a little research, too
  • You are required to upload 2 professional-looking documents (an MS Excel spreadsheet for the calculations, an MS Word document for the memo portion)
  • Please remember the academic honesty policy and do not plagiarize


1. Ratios for your case


  • Working Capital = CA - CL
  • Quick (Acid-Test) Ratio= (Current Assets Inv.) / Current Liabilities
  • Debt-to-Equity = L / OE
  • Total Asset Turnover Sales / Total Assets
  • Days’ Sales in Receivables = 365/ Receivables Turnover
  • Current Ratio = CA / CL
  • Days’ Sales in Inventory = 365 / Inventory Turnover
  • Profit Margin Net Income / Sales
  • Equity Multiplier Total Assets / Total OE
  • P / E Ratio = Price / Earnings


Note: Net income on the Income Statement is stated in thousands of dollars. There are 100,000 shares of stock Outstanding. One share of stock costs $164.50.


STEEP Analysis

Operating Environment


  • Social
  • Technological
  • Economic
  • Ecological/Environmental
  • Political/Regulatory/Legal


2. *NPV, Profitability Index

Net Profitable Index


Cash Flow Table


This is the data for YOUR CASE

Case Study DATA


Your Tasks

  • Calculate the required ratios (present on Excel spreadsheet, tab 1)


  • Calculate the NPV for all 3 machines; calculate the profitability index for all 3 machines; rank the 3 machines based on the profitability index (present on Excel spreadsheet, tab 2); state which machine the company should purchase (discuss in memo)


  • Create a professional memo (present in Word document); complete a comprehensive STEEP analysis and discuss these qualitative factors as compared to the quantitative items above (ratios, NPV, profitability index); assess the company’s overall “health”; present one idea to increase sales; include your 3 weblink reference citations


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