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BUSE02-6 Business Ethics Assignment Answers to Questions

BUSE02-6 Business Ethics Solved Assignment Questions


Assignment Details:-

  • Number of Words: 2500


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Question 1

Read the scenario below and answer the questions that follow.

You are the CEO of an NGO that focuses on women’s rights and the empowerment of women in urban and rural areas. The organisaton focuses on providing support for female victims of abuse, violence, and poverty. One of your programs focuses on training women in entrepreneurial skills and small business management. The owner of a chain of female strip clubs approaches you and offers to make an anonymous financial contribution to the NGO of R500 000. During a board meeting, four board members vote in favour of accepting the donation and four vote against it.

1. What is the ethical dilemma here? State each challenge and the relevant consequences.

2. What will your course of action be? Justify your decision by applying a combination of decision-making tools for making ethical decisions and resolving ethical Refer to Chapters 13 and 15 of your textbook.

3. Would you change your decision in Question 1.2 if the amount of the donation was increased to R1 000 000? Motivate your answer.


Question 2

Read the scenario below and answer the questions that follow.

Organisational culture is also based on national culture. People tend to believe their country or company is the best. You most likely have heard the slogan “Buy South African”. Unions tend to ask South Africans to buy products made in SA to help save jobs. On the other hand, some South Africans ask why they should buy South African products, especially if they cost more or are inferior in quality or style to foreign made products. Many South Africans do not know where the products they buy come from, and some “South African” products are made from components whereby more than half are from other countries, so is the product really made in South African?

1. Conduct some secondary List any three benefits and any three disadvantages to buying proudly South African products. Include your in-text and list of references. (6)

2. Is it ethical to ask South Africans to buy South African products? Explain your answer by using Habermas’s RIMS strategy (page 185 in your textbook). Clearly apply each of the three (10)

3. You are an employee of a company that would rather import products than buy proudly South African products. Due to the strict importing policies put in place, you have lost some trust in your organisation. As the line manager of a group of employees, you feel it is important to raise this issue with the Executive Director. You must compile a report, of not more than one page, to describe why the business needs employee trust. You must include how trust encourages human capital and employee performance at work. Include an introduction, body (relevant headings) and conclusion as part of your report.


Question 3

Read the scenario below and answer the questions that follow.

South Africa’s only battery manufacturer and market leader Eveready was recently awarded the manufacturer of the year award at the third annual Proudly South African Homegrown Awards held in Johannesburg recently. “Our success at Eveready stems directly from the belief that the people who work in our organisation are our most important asset. The second key to our success at Eveready is quite simple – authenticity and ethics in everything we do. We passionately believe in each other and proudly walk our talk.” said the GM, Charles du Toit.

1. Identify any two types of fraudulent behaviour you could expect to see in a company like Eveready? Include an example for each that relates to the context.

2. Assume that you are an HR practitioner at Eveready. Recommend any five policies and procedures that could be put in place to ensure that all employees act ethically.

3. Consider your examples from Question 3.1 and create a three-step fraud-prevention plan for Use the table below:


Prevention Detection Response
/3 /3 /3
Overall /1




The quality of your referencing, according to the Milpark Reference Guide, as well as spelling, grammar and professional document layout, will be evaluated according to the assessment criteria in the following marking rubric:


Criterion 0 marks 2 marks 3 marks 4 marks 5 marks
Referencing Sources have Sources Most Only some Most of the All sources
and been have not sources sources sources have been
technical correctly been have not have not have been referenced
care referenced referenced/ been been referenced in detail
(according to referenced referenced referenced correctly according
the Milpark correctly, correctly correctly according to the
Reference and the according to according to the Milpark
Guide), and spelling, the Milpark to the Milpark Reference
the spelling, grammar Reference Milpark Reference Guide, and
grammar and and Guide, and Reference Guide, and in all
document professional only a small Guide, and the instances
layout are compilation portion of most of the spelling, the
professionally of the the spelling, spelling, grammar spelling,
compiled. document grammar grammar and grammar
are not and and professional and
appropriate professional professional compilation professional
for real compilation compilation of the compilation
workplace of the of the document of the
use. document is document are document
appropriate is appropriate are
for real appropriate for real perfectly
workplace for real workplace appropriate
use. workplace use. for real
use. workplace


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