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Chapter 4: Findings and Data Analysis – Dissertation Research Methods

Chapter 4: Findings and Data Analysis

4.1 Introduction

The resolution of chapter 4 is to show outcomes or findings while using the chosen analysis or investigation methods presented in chapter three. The collected data will be presented in structural form basing on the conceptual framework the findings using the selected research.

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methods discussed in chapter 3. The gathered information will be structured and

presented based on the research techniques and conceptual framework  elements as shown below:

  • Interpretation of findings
  • Research objective 1
  • Research objective 2
  • Research objective 3
  • Completed questionnaire results

4.2 Interpretation of Findings

4.2.1 Section A – Employee Profile

Section A – Employee Profile


16 people responded in total out of which one-fourth the Managers at AGIS were. 3 helper, 3 engineers among others contributed to the research.


All the participants have worked at AGIS for more than 1 year. More than half have actually worked beyond 5 years in terms of their service tenure.

Your current department

Regarding the responses received, responses are from participants from all departments where 50% of the participants are from finishing department, 18.8% from operation area two, 12.5% from operation area one and the rest from other departments.

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Commentary (Analysis)

Since most of the respondents who have participated in this survey are from different departments and have spent more than one year of experience at AGIS, this means they are familiar with the company’s activities and have enough experience to talk about my sections of survey.

4.2.2 Research Objective 1

Employee motivation

Employee motivation

In figure 4, it is shown that 68.8% of the respondents feel valued as AGIS employees and therefore this makes them feel confident while performing their work.

How motivated are you to go to work usually

In figure 5, it is shown that 62.5% are quite motivated to go for work while 12.5 % are indifferent. This means the company needs to focus on how to improve 25% of highly motivated employees so that it can be the section that covers the highest percentage.

i feel inspired to do my best at work every day

In this figure 6, 75% of the respondents show that they are inspired with doing their best at work every day though still those who strongly agree are still low with 25%. Therefore we shall see what factors can be considered to increase employee’s inspiration towards their work.


4.2.3 Research Objective 2

Factors of motivations

Mark 4 factors most important which motivate employees at AGIS

Commentary (provide enough information basing on the factors above in the graph)

Use also below information to make the conclusions and recommendations, you may also comment on every chart according to the results collected.

Do You think non-cash rewards like gifts from the company

Work Life balance

i am satisfied with the lunch break

How often are you required to work on your off days

Work environment / work conditions

good physical working conditions are provided by AGIS


Commitment level

Career opportunities

performance appraisal and career development

Training and job Development

Training and job Development

My professional Skill

Employee engagement and job security

Employee engagement and job security

Employee at AGIS

Leadership style

reporting management


4.2.3 Research Objective 3

This RO is achieved in Chapter No. 6 – Recommendations, pick some from above which will be used here





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