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CNT5007 Cyber Security Tools and Applications Assignment Solutions

Comprehensive Analysis of Network Security

Assessment Details:

Words: 3000


Learning outcomes covered


LO 01              Examine the usage of various file systems

LO 02              Choose correctly available low-level tools and applications used to analyse digital storage media.

LO 03              Evaluate network protocol features that made them vulnerable.

LO 04              Apply appropriate low-level tools to analyse network traffic data.


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Hope Hospitals (PVT) Ltd is an emerging private sector health service provider. The latest key feature that they expect to add to their repertoire is the availability of online services for the patients. Online consultation, medical report issuance, and e-channeling are going to be a few of such services. In addition, all the patients will be given a user login to the database of the hospital where the information of each has been saved. The online medicine and medical items purchasing platform is expected to be another popular feature of Hope Hospitals.


Before launching the platform for the public, the hospital’s management has decided to conduct a comprehensive security analysis and obtain a report to identify the possible loopholes in the platform that the intruders could exploit.

As the Chief Information Security Officer of Hope Hospitals (PVT) Ltd, you have been asked to prepare a report on the level of security of your current set-up by carrying out a security analysis.

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CNT5007 Task 01

The management of Hope Hospitals (Pvt) Ltd is varied on a suitable file system that should be utilized to provide folder and file security along with built-in compression and encryption. The network environment will be based on the MS Windows client and server operating systems. Consider different file systems available and select and explain the reason for selecting the best-suited file system that would provide the features the management is looking for. (LO 01)

(20 Marks)

CNT5007 Task 02

The report should include vulnerability assessment, scanning and other relevant tests, and the digital storage analysis, which must be stated in the final report.

The report should be comprised of the following. (LO 02, LO 04)

  1. The tools and the applications used to carry out the relevant assessments and analysis, including screenshots of the implementation of those tools where
  2. Use suitable tools and applications to perform the analysis of network traffic by providing the relevant screenshots.

(60 Marks)


CNT5007 Task 03

The administrator of the hospital’s network requested that you make him aware of different network protocols that would bring vulnerabilities to a network due to their respective features and countermeasures that could be taken against them. Make a list of such protocols used in networks, their vulnerabilities and the countermeasures against them to make the network administrator aware. (LO 03)

(20 Marks)


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