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Conduct an in-depth review of a specialist subject, to reflect upon your own experience as a digital marketing

 2500 words assignment

Conduct an in-depth review of a specialist subject, to reflect upon your own experience as a digital marketing user in relation to this subject and draw conclusions pertinent for marketing strategy

The format of the assignment should be the DM’s purpose in the Consumer Decision Making Process (Blackwell et al, 2001) Assignment should be in the following structure:

  1. Problem recognition – what triggered you to go online, what was the reason behind it
  2. Search for information – where can you get the information online? – What possibilities are there? This section allows students to include theory, and to get the high marks this needs to be highly theoretical e.g. could look at different devices such as mobile, laptop, tablets.
  3. Pre-interaction of alternatives – look at which one you go for and why. Example Facebook or twitter?
  4. Purchase & consumption
  5. Post consumption evaluation – this section should consider are you happy with the response you get? For example if you leave a comment on Facebook and someone responds to that – does that response fulfil the problem recognition
  6. are you happy as a user? What would you change? Would you use a different device?


Theories that much be included

The Macro environment factors should be considered within this assignment

The Internet Marketing Environment


The micro-environment: issues for digital marketers

Include – Chaffey 2001 – increase interaction to have, attraction awareness, engagement and conversion.


Look at consumer characteristics how your characteristics could affect decisions and interactions. – try to include consumer characteristic theory from books etc

Examples of consumer characteristics:

  • Demographics
    • Age, gender, social group
  • Geographic’s
    • Location
  • Psychographics
    • Motivation, attitudes, beliefs, behaviour
  • Web graphics
    • Access methods and times
  • Personas


Other Studies that to be used in the assignment:

Gartner hype cycle – this should be used in the introduction to show what stage the website or service is at (website or service that has been chosen)


The Internet and the buying process for a new purchaser – this could be used to complement the structure of the assignment

 Ethical Issues (Mason, 1986) – talk about some of the factors, especially privacy

  • Privacy – what information is held about the individual?
  • Accuracy – is it correct?
  • Property – who owns it and how can ownership be transferred?
  • Accessibility – who is allowed to access this information, and under which conditions?

Assignment should show:

  • Understanding of customer segmentation
  • Key for the assignment understand what the customer is looking for.

To get a first:

  • Assignment should show in depth reading and a number of theories.
  • If possible bring out some statistics in the assignment

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