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CRKC7007 Leadership and Sustainability Interim Assignment and Final Assessment Answers

CRKC7007 Leadership and Sustainability Interim Assignment Help


Assessment Brief

  • Topic: Leadership and Sustainability
  • Document Type: Assignment Help (any type)
  • Subject: Business
  • Deadline:*: As Per Required
  • Number of Words: 6200+
  • Citation/Referencing Style: Harvard
  • University: University of Cumbria


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CRKC7007 Final Assessment

For the final assessment you are to choose your own case study and describe and critique its Leadership for Sustainability. You should

  • Analyse the nature of leadership in the organisation and consider its relationship with established theory.
  • Evaluate the extent to which global environmental pressures impact on the case study and analyse the ways in which the leadership is dealing with those pressures.
  • Undertake a critical appraisal of the ways in which tools and theories relating to sustainability are or could be used in your case study.
  • Critically evaluate the extent to which your case study are developing strategies for sustainability.

For the case study, you can choose ANY organisation, public, private or not‐for‐profit.

Apply as many of the concepts of leadership and sustainability covered in this module as you can. You should recall IN summary the concepts you use, but do not spend long describing them – we are looking for APPLICATION of the concepts to your case study, not descriptions of them.

Remember, we are not looking for an essay on leadership or sustainability, nor for a series of definitions, nor for a summary of the material covered in the module – we are looking to see how well you can use the concepts you have learned about to analyse the operation of your case study organisation.

Another reminder to use the Assessment Criteria (below) as a guide to ensure you cover all the critical areas for which marks are available.

Criteria for assessment:

Criteria for assessment

Criteria for assessment 1

CRKC7007 Interim Assignment

This assessment is designed to prepare you for the Final Assessment. Your interim paper should be around 1200 to 1500 words and will be submitted to the submission box (unit 3) for review and feedback from your tutor. There is NO GRADE assigned to this paper, however, it is required that you submit the paper on or before the due date. This paper will also be sent through Turnitin so that you have a good idea of the level of plagiarism that may be detected through this exercise. Turnitin looks for sources that are copied or used before, therefore in most cases, your bibliography will be flagged as plagiarized. If that is all the similarity that is detected you need not worry. If you have other paragraphs that are copied verbatim, then you need to rewrite these before submission.

Interim Question

For this interim assessment you are asked to identify ONE leader who has influenced you. This might be someone you have worked with, or a more public figure.

For this person you should

  • Analyse the TYPE of leader they are/were
  • Analyse the leadership STYLE they adopted, fitting this to theories of leadership
  • Identify elements of learning from this leader that you might adopt in your own practice.

You will be expected to provide (possibly anecdotal) evidence and reference appropriately to substantiate your analysis.


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